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"Makia is here to save the day!" „ 

— Makia

Okay! We'll leave you alone! Just don't bash our skulls out! „ 

— Makia begging Red King to not kill him.

Makia (マキア Makia) is a blue Gojiran and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Makia is a very cocky, impulsive, and laid-back Gojiran. He wants to so badly be a hero, but he always pits himself against everybody. Despite this, he is determined to become a great kaiju and will stop at nothing to stop the forces of evil. He also has a tendency to talk too much and he likes to poke fun at his enemies. He used to be a lot more naive, but this has since changed. He also dislikes being mistaken for a female due to his name.


Currently not much is known about Makia's early life, however it is known that ever since he was a small child he had looked up to Godzilla, the King of the Monsters himself and saw him as a hero. He vowed that when he grew up he wanted to be just like Godzilla. 

Makia first appeared in RP to fight against GMKGoji in Tokyo. There he was helped out by a Godzilla from another dimension. A Viledrode starhsip also briefly came in attacked him, but they were easily dispatched. He and KiryuGoji eventually managed to chase him off. Makia then tried to go fight off evil monsters on his own, but it didn't work out so well. That all changed when he met Heisei Gamera, who vowed to train him to become a better fighter. Makia later went to visit Reno where he fought off against Firefox and Chameleon; initially he was overwhelmed until M came to help him. After a long and brutal fight, him and M both managed to chase off Chameleon and beat Firefox. Not long afterwards, he caught up in the ultimate chaos in Utah where he helped IguanaGoji fight off against several other monsters. He mainly fought off against Gamoni. Once the fight ended he retreated, as well did Gamoni. On the next day, he, Gomora, and IguanaGoji fought off against Hitodah and protected a sickly Rozan. After she was healed, he took off with Gomora as his work there was done. 

Makia has also helped his friends besides Heisei Gamera (such as IguanaGoji or Gfantis) from time to time fighting off against several threats like the Viledrodes's kaiju. Most recently he found and met Desu and quickly became one of his best friends. He also helped Zilla Jr. fight off some sea monsters. Where his current whereabouts are currently unknown, but he's definitely alive and chilling at somewhere.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Atomic Breath: A beam of aqua-blue energy shot that he can shoot from his mouth.
  • Adept Swimmer: Like most Gojirans, Makia can swim at a fast rate.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Makia has enhanced endurance, being able to endure a lot.
  • High-Frequency Plasma Blade: Originally was from Emil's personal Metal Gear EXCELSUS blade, now is owned by Makia.


Heisei Gamera

Makia sees Heisei Gamera as like his mentor and like an older brother to him, but at times Makia can be a little overbearing to Heisei Gamera. Still, the two are best friends and Makia often goes to Heisei Gamera for protection as he feels safest around him. Makia is often seen accompanying Heisei Gamera, either it be fighting a monster or simply chilling. 


Initially Makia didn't know what to think of IguanaGoji, but grew to really appreciate and like him more overtime. He appears to have strong feelings towards him as well as he once hugged him because he didn't see IguanaGoji for so long.  


Though the two have never met yet, Makia has a huge respect for Godzilla and worships him. As a little Gojiran, he wanted to be just like him, as such this made him determined to fight off against evil monsters.


Makis sees Gamoni as his ultimate foe, due to how they usually fight off against each other and how much he says he hates her. He especially hates losing to Gamoni.


Makia is very nice to Rozan and likes to be around with her. When he first met her while she was sickly, he felt very concerned for her and wanted to save her immediately. Rozan in return is also very kindly towards him, as she finds him to be as a funny and charming Gojiran. 


Not much is known about Makia's relationship with Kunin, but the two seem to have some sort of friendship. Kunin seems to be a little more stern with Makia though, and facepalms at a lot of Makia's more embarrassing moments. 


Wow, he was a real pain in the ice wasn't he? „ 

— Makia to making an ice pun after destroying Snowman Org to IguanaGoji


  • Originally Makia was a much more serious character and his personality was more akin to a drifter, however he was changed into a more silly and light-hearted character.
  • A running gag with Makia is that he's usually mistaken of being a girl (most likely because his name is Makia.)
  • Makia is based off of Gallibon the Destroyer's older Bionicle OC's. 
  • His name is pronounced as "mok-ee-uh".


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