Mandra Huolong
Mandra Huolong
Used by
Rex, Hunter, other members of P.H.O.S.A.K., benevolent kaiju
Majun, destructive kaiju, those who threaten Earth
6 feet 2 inches
Fanon Character
They told me that life could hit you harder than anything. That if it punched you to the ground, you could only take it and keep moving forward. I call that a bunch of crap. If life punches me, I punch it back, ten times harder. „ 

— Mandra Huolong

Mandra Huolong is a member of P.H.O.S.A.K, and Mechalong's pilot.


Mandra was 8 years old when Majun first struck Beijing, China. Although the military drove the kaiju away, Mandra lost his family in the attack. He swore to get revenge, and when a kaiju hunting organization called P.H.O.S.A.K. (Planetary Headquarters Of Soldiers And Kaiju) was created, he was one of the first to join.

The Dimension Controller (created by Gira) sent him to the WZRPverse, and he's been staying there for a while, P.H.O.S.A.K. even building a new facility there.


Mandra is somewhat hot tempered and determined (Kaiju vs Humanity being part a spoof of Attack on Titan, he is the obvious counterpart to Eren Jaeger). He wishes to kill Majun and avenge his family's death, believing he had failed to rescue them in time and he's making up for it.


  • Swords (Which also inject and spray corrosive venom)
  • Very agile and fast
  • Flexible
  • Other gear from P.H.O.S.A.K. (Grappling hooks, C4s you can stab into kaiju, energy shields, etc)
  • Visit Mechalong for abilities he can use in a mecha


  • "Huolong" translates to Fire Dragon in Chinese.
  • Mandra's Chinese name was Wang Huo Long (King Fire Dragon). He decided his English name to be "Mandra", partly because of Dragon Man, a superhero character he created when he was young, and his favorite kaiju, Manda.
  • Mandra's English name would actually be "Huolong Wang", but he decided to rename himself, and use his Chinese first name as his last name.

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