Manticore (Fullbody)
Used by
Members of his organization
Kunin, Rozan, Gojirans, Global Defense Force
Not known
2.5 meters
Kill Godzilla Movement
Gojirans are the angels of death. „ 

— Manticore

Manticore (マンティコア Mantikoa) (real name is unknown) is the cruel and diabolical leader of the Kill Godzilla Movement. He was conceptualized and is used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Manticore is a tall, imposing, shady, enigmatic and manipulative figure. He rightfully boasts upon immense power, is dedicated of his mission to eradicate the Gojirans and believes he is immortal. He always speaks in deadpan and formal way of talking, very rarely raising his voice. Manticore does not tolerate failure from his soldiers and has no problem with executing them on sight.



Not a lot is known about Manticore's early history, not even his real name, but what is known is that he was possibly a former G.D.F. soldier who had held a high rank, but was then later discharged from duty to his sick methods of killing kaiju, broke many laws and lastly betrayed his side. After deserting the G.D.F., Manticore fled off, seemingly never to be seen again.

However, little did anyone know that he did indeed return and formed the "Kill Godzilla Movement", an organization dedicated to killing off Gojirans and spreading hate and fear towards other kaiju; as while Gojirans were the main focus, the K.G.M. decided to settle upon targeting other species of kaiju as well. At some time, he had also found and island an named it "New Suneria".

More history to be added later...


  • Is excellent at building and piloting mechas. 
  • Excellent swordsman and marksman. 
  • Builds destructive and deadly weapons.
  • More to be added.



Manticore's original design.

  • Although Manticore is an original character, the Kill Godzilla Movement did in fact exist prior in A Space Godzilla. Though in there, they were more like angry protesters as opposed to an evil terrorist group.
  • Originally Manticore was nameless and resembled more of a simple rouge army soldier. He was then redesigned into what he looks like now. His name back then was simply "Kill Godzilla Movement Leader."
  • He is largely based off of the character "Gargoyle" from the anime TV series "Nadia Secret of the Blue Water".
  • Manticore originally appeared in a few RPs making fairly brief appearances, but as of now he is currently in progress of being revamped, as Gallibon the Destroyer believed that while Manticore and the K.G.M. were good ideas, they were used far too early.

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