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Marvel Godzilla (マーベル ゴジラ Marvel Gojira) is a Marvel character and an RP character used by Lord Vehk.





Awakened from an eons long slumber at the bottom of the ocean off the shores of Japan in 1956 by a joint nation H-Bomb experiment, Marvel Godzilla ravaged the Japanese countryside for years. Although a terrible menace, the monster also seemed to regard Japan as his personal domain, and defended the country from a number of strange alien and mutant monsters. Marvel Godzilla disappeared for some years in the late 1970s before re-appearing in Alaska, bursting from a massive iceberg in which he had laid dormant.

Marvel Godzilla soon made his way down into the mainland of America, with the super-agency SHIELD trying their best to contain and capture the giant reptile. Over the course of his journey, the monster battled many strange foes, from the super weapons of SHIELD, to superhuman heroes like the Champions and outrageous monsters like Batragon and Yetrigar. Marvel Godzilla was even instrumental in thwarting the alien Megans in their attempt to conquer the Earth. At last, the shrinking gas of Dr. Henry Pym, otherwise known as Yellowjacket, was employed against Marvel Godzilla and the time machine of the villainous Dr. Doom was employed to send the beast back to the late Cretaceous. However, Godzilla's atomic nature made him unstable in his new setting, and after a brief encounter with Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, the monster returned to present day New York, once again at his full, mammoth size.

Marvel Godzilla went on a rampage, opposed by the combined might of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and SHIELD's Godzilla Squad. In the end, however, it was the pleas of a little boy, Rob Takaguchi, that subdued the giant monster. Marvel Godzilla turned away from the city, swimming out into the Atlantic ocean and disappearing from view.


  • Atomic Fire Breath: Marvel Godzilla can fire atomic fire from his maw which oddly looks like fire.
  • Great Strength: Marvel Godzilla's on par with Thor when it comes to strength.
  • Thick Hides: Marvel Godzilla has near impenetrable hide
  • Regeneration: Marvel Godzilla can regenerate wounds at a fast pace but limbs will take two days
  • Adept Swimmer: Marvel Godzilla can also swim fast underwater.


  • The symbol for Marvel’s Godzilla is also used by Toho, to show that Godzilla is in a film or other form of media.
  • Marvel Godzilla was originally used by GarudaGoji and is now used by Lord Vehk.