Used by
Yapool (master)
Mazaron Man, Underground Phantom
FlamingoMask, WolfMask, SquidMask
60 meters
Ultraman Character

Mazarius (マザリュース Mazaryūsu) is a strange choju and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Eerie and looming, Mazarius is a frightful monster with a menacing presence. While lacking speech and not showing much emotion, there's always this always present creepy feeling whenever he shows up.


Debut: Terror of Mazarius Pt. 1

As FlamingoMask and WolfMask were finishing off the horde of evil spirits, Mazaron Man summoned Mazarirus to go attack Yokohama and to kill the two Shadowbloods; Mazarius appeared from a portal and then heard Mazaron Man's orders. Mazarirus then traveled quickly to Yokohama. After FlamingoMask and WolfMask finally finished off the evil spirits, Mazaruis then arrived at Yokohama to wreak havoc; FlamingoMask and WolfMask got into battle position and prepared to fight Mazarius.

Terror of Mazarius Pt. 2

FlamingoMask and WolfMask then grew to giant size to fight against Mazarius, while SquidMask stayed down to fight off the a new horde of evil spirits and Underground Phantom.

FlamingoMask and WolfMask got into battle position, ready to fight Mazarius. Mazarius then charged at them both. WolfMask punched at Mazarius's chest, causing Mazarius to stagger back. Mazarius then rammed at both FlamingoMask and WolfMask with his spiky hides. WolfMask and FlamingoMask both staggered back; WolfMask retaliated by firing a darkness blast at Mazarius's head. Mazarius then sprayed his white smoke around the area, hiding himself from FlamingoMask and WolfMask, also making it difficult for the two 'Bloods to see anything.

While WolfMask began to try to detect Mazarius with his senses, FlamingoMask was then ambushed by Mazarius himself. Mazarius bashed and clawed against FlamingoMask, before then kicking him against a building, slamming FlamingoMask at a building. WolfMask fought back by kicking back at Mazarius, also sending Mazarius flying back. Suddenly Mazarius turned intangible as he then "smashed" against a building, floating upwards. It turns out Mazarius could make himself intangible, and it seemed he wasn't going to stop that anytime soon. WolfMask began to think of a plan...

FlamingoMask then got back up. With Mazarius now wreaking havoc while still being intangible, they had to think of something to get rid of him; as it appeared that their attacks against him were rendered virtually useless due to him still being intangible. WolfMask then thought of a plan. WolfMask thought it was risky, but suggested to FlamingoMask that he (WolfMask) would have to go into Shadow Soul, as it would increase his speed drastically and would have to deal some major damage to Mazarius; to force him to be hit and have no time to turn intangible. FlamingoMask agreed, as it was their last option to use against Mazarius.

WolfMask then prepared himself and then went into Shadow Soul, gaining Mazarius's attention; Mazarius began to slowly advance towards WolfMask. Shadow Soul! WolfMask then charged at Mazarius, the ground way below shakes massively at WolfMask's energy output. Shadow Soul! WolfMask then shot forwards to Mazarius, punching at him hard. The boost of his flight caused a giant blast of wind to be released all over the battlefield, as the ground and environment shook even more. FlamingoMask ducked down as Shadow Soul! WolfMask and Mazarius fought.

Shadow Soul! WolfMask then grabbed Mazarius's arm at high speeds, turning, lifting him over and throwing him away; causing Mazarius to crash into several buildings. Shadow Soul! WolfMask then shot forwards again, releasing another blast of wind across entirely in the environment, as he grabbed Mazarius by the head and began flying through several buildings. Mazarius flailed around, for which Shadow Soul! WolfMask then grabbed Mazarius's feet and then began to spin him around and around. Shadow Soul! WolfMask then swung Mazarius in the sky, telling FlamingoMask to act now; FlamingoMask then fired a strong light beam at Mazarius, followed up by Shadow Soul! WolfMask firing a Wolf Beam at Mazarius. Both beams then collided with Mazarius, destroying Mazarius and creating a massive explosion.


  • White Smoke: Mazarius can shoot a white cloud of smoke from its mouth.
  • Intangibility: Mazarius could make itself intangible, enabled it to prevent attacks.


  • Mazarius is actually one of the few kaiju to scare FlamingoMask.

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