Mazaron Man
Mazaron Man1
Used by
Yapool (master)
Underground Phantom, Mazarius, Unitang
FlamingoMask, WolfMask, SquidMask
2-45 meters
Ultraman Character
I...lost... „ 

— Mazaron Man defeated

Mazaron Man (マザロン人 Mazaron Jin) is a choju kaijin and the main villain of the Terror of Mazarius mini-arc. RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Mazaron Man is a demonic, manipulative, prideful and creepy entity, as well as being a very vengeful spirit. He is also fairly quick to anger and seems to have a high respect for other Choju such as Unitang and Yapool.


Debut: Terror or Mazarius Pt. 1

Mazaron Man made his first appearance in Yokohama where had had made a hideout at the biggest mountain at Yokohama. There, he was enraged at the fact that Unitang had been defeated earlier and had heard about this FlamingoMask fellow, who he of course wanted to be exterminated as he stood for the light, which he did not like. Mazaron Man then ordered Underground Phantom and his horde of evil spirits to attack Yokohama; as their time had come.

As more evil spirits were getting defeated, Mazaron Man then summoned his monster Mazarius to join in on the chaos and to eliminate the Shadowblood heroes.

Terror of Mazarius Pt. 1

After the defeat of Mazarius, Mazaron Man then appeared, with the sky turning red and lightning flashing. Mazaron Man landed down, enraged at the fact that his minion Underground Phantom, his monster Mazarius and his evil spirit army had been slain. Mazaron advanced towards the three. SquidMask took off, as he had some other business to attend to, he claimed.

So now it was just down to FlamingoMask, WolfMask and Mazaron Man. Mazaron Man put up a brutal fight between the two, beating up FlamingoMask badly by throwing him around and shooting his powerful finger lasers at him. Mazaron Man then began to tear at FlamingoMask's left arm, causing him to bleed some shadows and tear off a bit of his coat.

WolfMask then began to wail against Mazaron Man, beating him up by punching and kicking against him and then firing many combo moves against him. Soon, WolfMask defeated Mazaron Man, to which Mazaron Man then faded away; leaving WolfMask and FlamingoMask victorious. Yokohama was freed. However, it's unknown what became of Mazaron Man.


  • Finger Beams: Mazaron Man can shoot beams from his fingers. He can combined two of them for an explosive punch.


  • Despite the arc being named after Mazarius, Mazaron Man was the true main villain of the mini-arc.

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