MechaGodzilla 2007
Used by
Jay's Wing
King Ghidorah 2007, Gigan 2007, Megalon 2007, Mecha-Titanosaurus
Gomora, Baragon 2007, Kamen Rider Accel, Gipsy Danger
Mechanical Godzilla
98 meters
135 meters
The Geonosians
Pipeworks Kaiju

MechaGodzilla 2007 (also known as Unleashed MechaGodzilla or just MechaGodzilla is an evil, alien-controlled mecha and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


MechaGodzilla is cold, silent, and ruthless. Being mechanically determined (you know, since its a mecha?), MechaGodzilla will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, no matter how many deaths he may cause along the way, and will kill anyone who tries to stop him from his sprees of destruction.


MechaGodzilla first appeared in the War of 2007, under control of the Vortaak. His first mission was when he was released from the Mothership after it crashed in San Francisco Bay. He was tasked to stopping King Caesar 2007 from destroying the remains inside. He combated and defeated Caesar, but also discovered Varan 2007 ravaging the Mothership. He had a fight against the two, but eventually prevailed.

He was next in Sydney, Australia, where he took the Power Surge crystals there. He then fought with Jet Jaguar 2007, but was stopped when Varan appeared again and destroyed both the crystals and his newfound power.

His final move was being retaken by new aliens, the Geonosians. He was tasked to helping Megalon 2007 and Gigan 2007 defeat Gomora and Baragon 2007 in Chongqing, along with King Ghidorah 2007 and Mecha-Titanosaurus. He fought valiantly, but was quickly destroyed after the sudden arrivals of both Kamen Rider Accel and Gipsy Danger.


  • Eye Lasers
  • Finger, knee, toe missiles
  • Chest electricity burst
  • Mouth heat ray
  • Orange energy beam from chest
  • Flight at Mach 5

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