Mechanical Raban
Mechanical Raban
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Inconnu (boss)
Gokidon (partner)
Keris, Ballinger Z, Mechagiras, Black Mechagodzilla
Raban (archenemy)
TripGoji, Rozan, Kunin, Plissken, Gamoni, Zaranga, Gallibon, Rougarou, RabanGoji, Lushan, Hetzer
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— Mechanical Raban

Mechanical Raban (メカニカルラバン Mekanikaru Raban) is a mecha and one of Inconnu's generals. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Mechanical Raban's personality is still progressing as he is a newly built mecha, but as of late, Mechanical Raban is a heartless and aggressive mecha, determined to terminate his enemies whom he deems as "targets". He is a mecha of a few words, as he doesn't say much, just wants to get the work done.

Overtime though and due to working for Inconnu, Mechanical Raban has become an ax-crazy, brutal and sadistic mecha loves violence and loves his job as one of Inconnu's generals and "hitman" even more. He has no empathy towards other and is extremely hostile to those who oppose him. He is easily the most openly violent and psychotic of Inconnu's generals. 



Mechanical Raban was built by Cameron Winter by orders from Emperor Tazarus to get rid of "Raban", who Tazarus believed was very suspicious and had something to do with that New Papua expedition from earlier.

Debut: Raban vs. Mechanical Raban

Mechanical Raban was then deployed to terminate Raban at a wooded area. Mechanical Raban was proven to be a very difficult opponent for Raban, setting the woods on fire and slashing him (Raban) several times on the chest, causing him to bleed. Mechanical Raban then followed Raban when he was trying to escape, but could not follow him in the water, as he couldn't swim. Instead, Mechanical Raban dropped one of his "Little Torpedoes" underwater to kill Raban. Believing Raban to be dead, he flew off.

Midnight Mayhem II

Main article: Midnight Mayhem II.

Sealing the Deal

Mechanical Raban was present along with his comrades Inconnu and Gokidon to negotiate a deal with Emperor Tazarus to unleash Manto. Mechanical Raban mainly stood by quietly and acted as a guard for Inconnu. 

Inside Job

Before the deadly trio went to work though, the three went into space to retrieve some datacores on some secret ship. Inconnu realized that he couldn't get there in time by himself and used Mechanical Raban and rided on him to get across. Upon Inconnu's return he only managed to get one and rided again on Mechanical Raban and flew back to base.

Upon inspecting the datacore at base, Inconnu got hit in the face and Gokidon got hit in the head by said datacore, that flew across the room. Mechanical Raban laughed at their expense, only for his behind to fall off, much to Mechanical Raban's shock. Mechanical Raban then picked himself back together, but not before getting hit by the datacore himself.

Releasing a Demon

On their first day, Mechanical Raban assisted Inconnu and Gokidon in freeing a demon from the Underworld known as Nuclear Reactor Demon. He then took off afterwards, as is job was done by the time the demon approached the city.

Releasing the Mutant Clones

Mechanical Raban along with Gokidon and Inconnu was present for the creation of the Mutant Godzilla clones and later led them into Busan, South Korea.

Gokidon's New Recruits 

While Inconnu was away freeing a stone samurai demon, Mechanical Raban stayed behind and watched over the base. He was then approached by Gokidon who recruited four new monsters. Mechanical Raban got interested and wanted to see them. Once he saw the four monsters though, he was very disappointed and started to beat Gokidon with a crowbar due to his stupidity at hiring four "dumb" monsters.

However, Inconnu then arrived and told Gokidon that it was alright for him to keep the four, as Inconnu thought they had potential. Mechanical Raban then banged his head against the wall and flew aways to different room.

Midnight Mayhem III

Main article: Midnight Mayhem III.

Breaking the Godzillan/Gamoran Alliance

Mechanical Raban along with the other four Inconnu generals showed to fight and break off the Gamorans and Godzillan's alliance. Mechanical Raban mainly fought off Gallibon and Zaranga and gave them a brutal beatdown. Before Mechanical Raban could finish them off though; Plisksen then appeared and fought off Mechanical Raban; finally giving Mechanical Raban the fight of his life. Plissken trashed Mechanical Raban, cutting his chest open and tearing off of his arm, but Mechanical Raban could still function, being at least able to fight back Plissken.

After Plissken disappeard, Inconnu then ordered Mechanical Raban to finish off Rozan, He chased her around shot many missiles at her, but was unable to finish her off and collapsed due to badly damaged by Plissken's attacks. Inconnu then stepped in and drove off Rozan for him. After Rozan fell down and then Mechanical Raban was then taken away for repairs.

The Summoning of Manto

Due to having been still in repairs due to his fight with Plissken, Mechanical Raban was one of the few Viledrode monsters who did not go to the summoning, much to his disappointment. However Gokidon was there to cheer up Mechanical Raban by offering many toys of himself (Gokidon). While Gokidon was amused, Mechanical Raban groaned.

Frozen Terror

During the aftermath, Mechanical Raban soon got repaired and was partnered up with Ballinger Z and Mechagiras to go attack someplace. The three mechas headed to Hamilton, New Zealand; as a suspicious huge blizzard had just hit there and they could bare it.

As the three evil mechas arrived in Hamilton, there they arrived and found Gallibon and Glockenspiel, ruining one of their bases. Mechanical Raban was quick to rage and then ordered Ballinger Z and Mechagiras to attack Gallibon while he would take care of Glockenspiel. Mechanical Raban then flew up at Glockenspiel, firing his Atomic Ray at him. Glockenspiel stumbled out of the ways and then charged at Mechanical Raban; Mechanical Raban then fired his finger missiles at Glockenspiel, guns a blazing. Glockenspiel then did a leaping triple flip over the missiles and tails-slapped Mechanical Raban in the face.

Mechanical Raban turned around and stretched arms to punch Glockenspiel's lights out, but then Glockenspiel fought back using his sabre to hit the arms. Glockenspiel then fired out a flintlock at Mechanical Raban, hitting him down at point-blank range.....or at least it was supposed to, as it wound up hitting Gallibon instead.

Mechanical Raban laughed and then fired his fingertip missiles at both Glockenspiel and Gallibon. As Glockenspiel kept getting hit by the missiles, he then thought up of an idea and threw his remaining 498 flintlocks at Mechanical Raban, doing nothing but ticking Mechanical Raban off...however now Glockenspiel could go much more faster. Mechanical Raban then spun his head around again, shooting his Atomic Ray at Glockenspiel this time. While Glockenspiel was hit, at the same time Glockenspiel spit out a diamond-glass shard at Mechanical Raban, causing him to stagger back.

Glockenspiel then leaped forwards and fired out a prism beam from his eyes at Mechanical Raban. Mechanical Raban fought back by firing a stream of flames at Glockenspiel, burning him up slightly. As Mechanical Raban leaped up at Glockenspiel, Glockenspiel then stabbed Mechanical Raban. Mechanical Raban was hit bad, and slashed at Glockenspiel. Bad move. Glockenspiel then reeled his foot back and switched his stance quickly, sending a cluster of diamond-glass shards at Mechanical Raban, sending him flying back. The blizzard then stopped...

As Mecahnical Raban got back up, he took off and retreated, defeated. Ballinger Z and Mechagiras traveled with him.

Pick on the Weak: He Picks on You

A few days later, Mechanical Raban (once again paired up with Ballinger Z and Mechagiras) were off elsewhere; doing whatever, when suddenly a rock hit Mechanical Raban sqaure in the head. There was a note on the rock; to which Mechanical Raban read. After finishing reading it, Mechancal Raban lambasted it, saying it mean't nothing due to the similar notes Gokidon got. However; this note was no laughing matter. From out of nowhere came Rougarou, who then suckerpunched Mechanical Raban down to the ground. As Mechanical Raban got back up, Rougarou asked him if he was if he was the same monster who beat up Raban. Mechanical Raban smugly retorted:

Beat up? More like "slaughtered" hehe. Why do you ask? If you have a problem with that, too bad, it was my job to do so. Because I was programmed to be a killing machine. „ 

— Mechanical Raban

However, Rougarou revealed that Raban wasn't actually dead as to him, the dead aren't silent for he could hear them. Raban is silent. Mechanical Raban then grew alert; he asked Rougarou if he was bluffing. Rougarou said that he a saw a weak animal hide for it's life. Mechagiras also brought up to Mechanical Raban if he ever found the body to prove it. Mechanical Raban then shot near at Mecahgiras's feet for saying that. Rougarou went on about Raban; also bringing up that he was terrified, and didn't even want to be a monster. He was simply scared.

Mechanical Raban was freaking out; he couldn't believe that his hit was still alive. As Mechanical Raban ranted on, Rougarou then reached back his smaller hand, gathering up death-force energy on his fist and snapped the arm forward, smacking Mechanical Raban in the face. Ballinger Z and Mechagiras walked forward to combat Rougarou and to defend Mechanical Raban; but Rougarou held up his larger hand at the two and flicked them out of his way. Several undead crawled up from the ground.

Feared for his life, Mechanical Raban shot his missiles at Rougarou, but to no effect. Rougarou then dragged his larger hand across the ground, picking up a clump of dirt and solidified it with death-force energy, then chucked it at Mechanical Raban. Mechanical Raban then fired his Atmoic Ray at Rougarou, but Rougarou tackled Mechanical Raban.

....This is going to hurt. „ 

— Mechanical Raban

The Undead begin to walk toward the other two mechas. Mechagiras and Ballinger Z kept shooting at the undead; Mechanical Raban then slashed at Rougarou. The undead drop like flies, but they kept coming at a rate they can be managed as long as the other two focus solely on them. Rougarou then hit Mechanical Raban with his larger arm, sending Mechanical Raban flying back. Then from out of the ground, a giant undead samurai monster (simply known as Samurai Undead) then rose up and assisted Rougarou in his fight against Mechanical Raban, Ballinger Z and Mechagiras.

As the fight wore on, the undead kept coming, overwhelming Mechanical Raban and his lackeys. As Mechanical Raban kept firing his missiles at Rougarou, but Rougarou didn't care, he wasn't going to leave any prisoners. With the Undead kept coming and absolutely terrified, Mechanical Raban then took off and flew away in fear. Ballinger Z and Mechagiras took off with him once more. Mechanical Raban and the other two mechas then arrived back to Inconnu and stopped there; as Mechanical Raban was not only in need of repairs but now found out that there was somebody he was afraid of. Mechanical Raban then decided to lay low for a while.

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 1: Journey's End

Mechanical Raban appeared along with Emperor Tazarus and Inconnu to fight off the Godzillans and the Forgotten Monsters upon they had discovered that they ha returned. Emperor Tazarus, Inconnu and Mechanical Raban flew off and traveled to Kunin and Rozan's location so that they could fight them. As they arrived there, Tazarus fired a laser beam down at the five Godzillan's area, causing an explosion to occur. Mechanical Raban, Inconnu and Emperor Tazarus had arrived...

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 2: The Big Showdown

TripGoji along with his cousins RabanGoji and Lushan then teamed up to fight against Mechanical Raban. Mechanical Raban was a very fierce opponent for them, as he made good use of his chainsaws and his flamethrowers. However, TripGoji and his cousins were able to overcome him soon by using their beams altogether against him, soon forcing Mechanical Raban to retreat.

Black Friday

Mechanical Raban then later hired Black Mechagodzilla to kill Hetzer and Raban, the latter who had been recently discovered. Black Mechagodzilla along with Mechanical Raban showed up there, both of the two who killed off a large amount of Narutons. There they found not only Hetzer, but also Raban, who Mechanical Raban recognized. Mechanical Raban then spoke with Hetzer and Raban some more, stating that he had come to "kill them" both. Black Mechagodzilla stood by acting as Mechanical Raban's guard.

Soon the first shot was fired, and Mechanical Raban flew off, ordering Black Mechagodzilla to finish the two off. Black Mechagodzilla then raised his arms and fired away.

Nemesis vs. Gokidon's Army

Mechanial Raban appeared near the end of the RP where Inconnu assigned him for the next mission to attack on the surface and told him to beware of "Nemesis". Mechancial Raban didn't know who that was, but looked forward to attacking again. As he saw Gokidon getting dropped down to the Monster Graveyard, Mechanical Raban told Inconnu that that seemed a bit extreme as they were just supposed to scare him, but Inconnu felt he was scared enough. Mechanical Raban then flew off, heading out to do his assigned mission.

Powers & Weapons

Mechanical Raban Sketch

Mechanical Raban

  • Flight: Mechanical Raban can fly at Mach 6.
  • Physical Strength: Mechanical Raban is more stronger than Raban.
  • Atomic Ray: Mechanical Raban can fire an atomic beam from his mouth. He can still do this while rotating his head around as well.
  • Enhanced Durability: Mechanical Raban has enhanced durability, being able to survive most of what's thrown at him.
  • Missiles: Mechanical Raban can fire heat-sinking missiles from his fingertips at his foes.
  • Extensive Limbs: Mechanical Raban can stretch out his arms to reach and strangle his opponents and can extend his legs to tower over them. However, he uses this sparingly.
  • Spinning Head: Mechanical Raban can turn his head around at 360 and go around and around non-stop if he pleases. Can also be used somewhat as a shield.
  • Little Torpedoes: Mechanical Raban can launch a very small, teardrop shaped explosive. This is mostly often used as a finisher attack.
  • Heat Gauntlets: Mechanical Raban can create his hands to become very hot and can torch things by touch, as well as is capable of shooting a powerful stream of flames.
  • Buzzsaws: Mechanical Raban can transform his hands into giant buzzsaws which he can use to hack, slash and cut at his opponents.


  • Fear of Underwater: Mechanical Raban cannot go underwater; as he can easily drown; can't swim.



Mechanical Raban has a fairly high amount of respect for his boss and acts as his own "hitman" so to speak, but there will be times Mechanical Raban will poke fun of Inconnu's not-so-stellar moments. However, he does not question one order by Inconnu and will gladly except the assassination missions Inconnu often gives him. He does not failing in front of Inconnu though, as he 


Gokidon is Mechanical Raban's other top ally. Mechanical Raban seems to find Gokidon to be really dim and somewhat annoying, but nonetheless sees him as important. 


Mechanical Raban was programmed to exterminate Raban; therefore he hates Raban with a burning passion and does not hesitate to show any empathy for him. 


Though he and Rozan haven't actually said much to each other, Mechanical Raban appears to have a vendetta against Rozan, as he targets her the most out of the Godzillans. 

Ballinger Z and Mechagiras

Mechanical Raban views Ballinger Z and Mechagiras as his own personal lackeys/henchmen/thugs, nothing more nothing less, though he has been shown to rely on them when dealing with a stronger foe. It's possible he does value them more, though it's not known at the moment. 



— Mechanical Raban on Inconnu's plan.


— Mechanical Raban to Gokidon


  • Mechanical Raban is also known as "Iron Raban", "Mecha-Raban" and "Mechani-Raban". Also "M. Raban" for short.
    Mechanical Raban2

    Mechanical Raban's original design.

  • Mechanical Raban's powers and weapons are all made up. This is because in his source material Kaiju Raban, he never did anything in the story. Though he appeared and was built, he was never used in the story, so therefore his powers or weapons were never shown, also making it unknown what his "real" powers or weapons (if he had any) he possessed. 
  • Being made in 1958, Mechanical Raban actually predates Mechani-Kong by 9 years and predates MechaGodzilla by 16 years. 
  • His main rival is Raban and his unofficial secondary main rival is Rozan.
  • Mechanical Raban was originally not supposed to be a sentient robot but was later changed into being sentient.
  • Some early artwork shows that Mechanical Raban was originally mean't to look radically different. Originally, his head appeared to look more organic and his torso would have looked even more simple and oval shaped. Also his eyes look more cartoonish and he appears to be orange in color instead and lacks his stripes.


Rob Zombie Iron Head

Rob Zombie Iron Head