The Meesterians
Meesterian Space Station
Used by
CenturyGhido (mind-controlled)
CenturyGigan (mind-controlled)
CenturyMekaGoji (created, and mind controlled)
Century Desghidorah (archenemy)
Rosadorah, CenturyBarubaroi, Neo SuperMechaGodzilla, AlenaGoji
2 meters
The Meesterians
Time to release our race of Century MechaGodzillas into the planet Earth. „ 

— Meesterian Leader

The Meesterians are a race of aliens from the planet Meesteroid, it is used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


The Meesterians were a peaceful alien race, until Century Desghidorah attacked their planet and made them hostile. They're also interested at studying life forms on Earth, and other planets.



Century Desghidorah Attacks

Thousands of years before the dawn of civilization on Earth, Meesteroid was a thriving world home to an advanced civilization that was close to exploring the Solar System. However, Century Desghidorah attacked the planet, leaving their civilization in ruins.

As a result, they mind-controlled two kaijus (CenturyGhido and CenturyGigan) and creating CenturyMekaGoji to protect their planet from the Ghidorah's future attacks.

Meesteroid Intergalatic War

However, a nuclear war (caused by an intergalatic war between the Meesterians and an unknown alien race) broke out on the planet, eventually wiping out all but a small number of survivors. Despite the fact that their race had survived, these survivors were contaminated with Strontium-90, meaning that each new generation suffered severe genetic illnesses and mutations.

Invading Earth

Realizing they needed to colonize a world that wasn't ravaged by radioactivity, they decided to invade Earth, travelling to Mount Fuji and creating the Meesterian Dome to make their plans.


CenturyGhido, CenturyGigan, and CenturyMekaGoji in Earth

CenturyGhido, CenturyGigan, and CenturyMekaGoji first appeared in Earth before the Meesterians, causing destruction to cities and fought mutiple monsters.

Meesterians' Plan Revealed: Revenge for DesireeGoji

Main article: Revenge for DesireeGoji

Their plan of taking over the Earth was revealed to the humans on the third part of Revenge for DesireeGoji, as a result the Meesterian Dome was built on the foot of Mount Fuji as their base of operations on Earth.

Terror on Meesteroid: Rosadorah

Rosadorah appears on the planet Meesteroid and causes destruction like Century Desghidorah did, CenturyGhido is summoned from Earth to fight the Biollante-Ghidorah hybrid and successfully made her retreat after their battle.

Preparing the Earth Invasion

The Meesterians are constructing several Century MechaGodzillas in preparation for their invasion of Earth, but one is sent to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to aid the original CenturyMekaGoji from his battle with CenturyBarubaroi and Neo SuperMechaGodzilla.

Attack on Jakarta

The Meesterians ordered to attack Jakarta, Indonesia using their kaijus CenturyGhido, CenturyGigan, and CenturyMekaGoji, but AlenaGoji appears and stops them.


As a result of the intergalatic war which destroyed their planet, the Meesterians' bodies are ravaged with Strontium-90, causing roughly 80% of the newborn population to be horribly disfigured.


CenturyGhido, CenturyGigan, and CenturyMekaGoji defends their planet from hostile monsters.

Multiple stationary Laser Satellite Cannons also defends their planet alongside CenturyGhido, CenturyGigan, and CenturyMekaGoji (This is most likely based on the Mazer Cannons used by the humans on Earth, but it's stationary and much more larger).

Their U.F.Os has the ability to deflect projectiles like a forcefield and to fire a red-colored beam that is enough destroying the 5 boroughs of New York City.



Defense Weapons/Other

  • Meesterian Mothership
  • Meesterian Space Station
  • Meesterian Dome
  • Laser Satellite Cannons
  • Meesterian U.F.Os
  • Meesterian Fighters


  • Most of the Meesterians are living in a large arcology called Diamond City, which is just near from their Defense Force headquarters.

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