Metal Heroes

The Metal Heroes are a group used primarily by GN1.


The Metal Heroes are some of the oldest heroes on the Earth. They were first active over 30 years ago, but strangely faded away by the 2000s.

Recent Events

Lately, the arrival of Trahir and the Neo Empire has driven them to fight again, teaming up with the Kamen Riders.

Original Heroes

These are the original heroes that appeared in the 80s and early 90s.

Space Sheriff Gavan


Space Sheriff Gavan is considered the very first Metal Hero. He came to earth to fight the Crime Syindicate Makuu, but returned various times after its defeat. He has recently returned due to the threat the Neo Empire has towards the galaxy.

Space Sheriff Sharivan


Sharivan was the second Metal Hero, arriving after Gavan to fight Crime Syndicate Madou. He has not returned.

Space Sheriff Shaider


Shaider was the first Space Sheriff native to Earth. He fought the Fuuma in 1985, and retired recently. He returned to participate in the battle of Monster Island briefly. He has past ties with Kamen Rider Wizard.



Jiraiya was the first of many Metal Heroes to emerge over the next two years. He is largely considered the leader of the group when Gavan isn't around. While not not reappearing to fight, he has given instruction to a few Kamen Riders and heroes.



Jiban is a police officer robot resurrected from the remains of an officer that was killed in action. He retains a few of his memories, but is generally cold and calculating. He mysteriously disappeared in 1996 and has yet to resurface.



Tokkei Winspector was the first Metal Hero sub team, onsisting of Fire, Bikel, and Walter. Fire is the only human of the group, Bikel and Walter are androids. Bikel has quick speeds while Walter can fly. They were created to stop various villains with other heroes. They recently appeared to fight in the battle of Japan.

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