Midnight Mayhem trilogy
Midnight Mayhem II
Midnight Mayhem III
Midnight Mayhem III
Date Performed
Mechanical Raban
Burning Dragon
Demeking (cameo)
Onibaba (cameo)
Mutavore (cameo)
Emperor Tazarus (cameo)

Midnight Mayhem III was a battle that took place on September 22nd, 2016. It took place at Inconnu's base and an unspecified city.


After defeating the Viledrodes in Perth, Australia, Yuda heads towards to find Inconnu in order to stop him from summoning Manto. Yuda heads towards Inconnu's base at somewhere at Illinois and finds it, but he finds out that there are a ton of Viledrode monsters there. Onibaba and Mutavore are the first ones to spot him and attack. Yuda takes the two out with ease. Gualagon arrives to the scenes and tries to strangle Yuda with his tentacles after Yuda insults him one too many times. Gualagon puts up a good fight, but is also easily taken down. Demeking then shows up and is taken down by Yuda as well. Inconnu gets up and searches for Yuda. Yuda and Inconnu finally meet up with each other and fight.

Astikos and Kujak join in on the battle against Inconnu, and Inconnu takes on all three of them for a while, up until he brings in one of his own forces and final general---Keris. Keris assists Inconnu with taking on the three, and the fight is an intense one. Burning Dragon, Gokidon, Rekker and Mechanical Raban then all come in to assist Inconnu, making it a 6 on 3. Kujask eventually leaves first, disappearing with a smoke bomb. Burning Dragon, Mechanical Raban and Gokidon are then blown away by a powerful blast of energy from Astikos. Astikos then also delivers a powerful blast of energy at Yuda, forcing Yuda to retreat. Astikos then takes off realizing that he can't defeat Inconnu and Keris, but he was just there to mess around with them anyways. Before he leaves, he drops a fusion bomb at Inconnu's place, destroying the base, though not harming any of the Viledrode monsters. Emperor Tazarus then arrives, wondering what Inconnu has been up to and what's taking so long to finish his plan already, only for Inconnu to assure him that everything is almost finished. Tazarus then departs and goes with his other Viledrode monsters. Inconnu then orders his generals Keris, Rekker, Gokidon and Mechanical Raban to locate/assist Gekido-jin and to surprise attack the oncoming Godzillans/Gamorans Alliance; which they agree to do and take off. Burning Dragon then perches on Inconnu's left shoulder and the two wander off.

Important Events

  • Keris is introduced.
  • Yuda is reintroduced.
  • Kujak returns after his long absence, only to leave again during the next RP.
  • Astikos and Yuda find Inconnu's base and sabotage it.


  • It is the second sequel to Midnight Mayhem.
  • Most of Midnight Mayhem III was saved onto Pastebin.

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