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Gallibon the Destroyer
Heisei Gamera
Giant Mutated Turtle
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Earth Defenders
Destroy All Humans! Kaiju

Mohgra is a giant turtle kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Mohgra is a neutral and careful beast, as she wants to avoid causing any harm or getting into any battles so she doesn't participate in many fights. As such, she is not a very experienced fighter due to wanting to remain neutral. However, piss Mohgra off and then those who messed with her will have to face the volcanic rage of Mohgra.


Mohgra was a neutral monster that lived somewhere in Takoshima. At some point Helicobacter captured her and brainwashed her into becoming his pawn.

Mohgra first appeared in RP attacking Takoshima under Heliocbacter's control. She decimated most of the city and fought off against a Rider. Helicobacter then ordered her to retreat as Helicobacter wanted to continue the steps of his plan.

Helicobacter then ordered Mohgra to attack the city of Aomori where there KamiGoji and Heisei Gamera fought against her in order to protect the city. Mohgra seemed to have difficult fighting against KamiGoji, as he appeared to be stronger and more experienced fighter then her. She was then partnered up with a brainwashed Heisei Gamera and the two briefly continued the attack on Aomori, however Helicobacter then ordered them to leave as Helicobacter came what he wanted (Heisei Gamera) and now wanted to move on to Phase 2 of his plan. Mohgra and Heisei Gamera did what they were told and left with Helicobacter.

Helicobacter then sent Mohgra and Heisei Gamera to attack everything in their sight for two days, until Helicobacter told them to destroy other Earth Defenders/good guys instead. As her and Heisei Gamera headed to Nagoya, there they stopped by Kamen Rider 1 and fought against him. They proved to be a difficult match for Kamen Rider 1, but soon they were both freed of their mind control by Kamen Rider 1 himself. Now that her and Heisei Gamera were freed, they turned against Helicobacter and attacked him. Helicobacter then took off. Mohgra, now happy she was no longer being mind-controlled thanked Kamen Rider 1 and swam off to sea.


  • Radioactive Blasts: Mohgra can fire these powerful blasts from her mouth and aim from afar.
  • Flight


  • Despite being a reference to Gamera, Mohgra's name is also a reference to "Mothra".
  • Mohgra would be classified as a "Pseudo-Gameroid" due to not being a true Gameroid.
  • Mohgra comes from Destroy All Humans! 2.

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