Momo Zagon
Momo Zagon
Used by
Alien Zagon
Ultraman Nice, FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame
50 meters
Ultraman Character

Momo Zagon (モモザゴン, Momo Zagon) is a monster that serves Alien Zagon and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Momo Zagon's personality is kind of vague; as it really doesn't say much other than some growls, is mainly bestial and seems to be pretty obedient to his master Alien Zagon.


Debut: Have A Nice Day!

Momo Zagon made his first appearance when he was summoned by Alien Zagon to help him combat against FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame. Momo Zagon ran in to fight against the two Units. Momo Zagon shot some supersonic waves at few buildings but is then hit by the energy arrows, causing him to stagger back; Cotton then bashed against him using her energy batons.

Momo Zagon retaliated by slamming the two Units into a building and then swung his tail down to crush them, but they managed to quickly escape in time, leaving Momo Zagon to crush the empty building with his tail. Momo Zagon then spotted Cotton and Ayame and then rammed at them, only to crash into a building with his head, as the two Units managed to run out of the way and tricked him into crashing against it.

Upon Ultraman Nice's arrival, FlamingoMask greeted Ultraman Nice and then decided to trade opponents with each other; with Ultraman Nice fighting Alien Zagon and FlamingoMask fighting Momo Zagon now instead. FlamingoMask landed down in front of Momo Zagon and then fired a light beam against it, causing Momo Zagon to fire a supersonic ray at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask to land against a building.

FlamingoMask then threw a light orb at Momo Zagon, creating an explosion around it. After Ultraman Nice defeated Alien Zagon, he then went over to FlamingoMask to assist him in his fight against Momo Zagon. Ultraman Nice and FlamingoMask ganged up on Momo Zagon, punching and kicking against it, before finally Ultraman Nice blasted his Millenium Cross at it, then followed up FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick against Momo Zagon, sending Momo Zagon flying away and crashing down elsewhere. Momo Zagon then got up afterwards and ran away, retreating.


  • Supersonic: Momo Zagon can emit sound waves from his rotating ears.
  • Photograph Space Fold: Momo Zagon can create a space fold that allows it to hide within pictures.


  • Momo Zagon is the only of the Zagons other than Alien Zagon to get it's own toy, albeit as a mini-fig.

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