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Monster X
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Father of Ultra, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Great
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Monster X / Kaiser Ghidorah (モンスターX Monsutā Ekkusu / カイザーギドラ Kaizā Gidora)  is a Ghidorah/Xilien hybrid and is used by Emperor Ghidorah


Monster X Debut: The Blazing Monster Typhoon

Monstr X first appeared in the city of Phoenix, Arizona when he crash-landed down to the area; then appeared in the battleground; FlamingoMask then went to fight him. FlamingoMask flew over to Monster X and hurled a light orb at him, following it up by punching at his chest. Monster X blocked the punch, starting to twist Flamingo's arm with using the fist as leverage and then throwing him down.

FlamingoMask retaliated by blasting a light beam against Monster X; causing Monster X to stagger back. Monster X fired back several blasts of his gravity bolts against him. FlamingoMask rolled over and then bashed his Wrecking Flail at Monster X, to which Monster X then charged at Flamingo; Monster X and FlamingoMask then battled each other some more with their fists, up until Monster X got ahold of FlamingoMask and threw him down to the ground again. Two new monsters entered the fight; Neo Gorosaurus and Omega PRGoji. FlamingoMask then briefly fought against Ganmodoki, who fired explosive rocks at him. FlamingoMask generated a light shield, protecting him from the rock grenades.

FlamingoMask then went back and fought Monster X; gathering up shadow energy and blasting a new technique against him known as "Shadow Ball". FlamingoMask shot the Shadow Ball against Monster X, sending Monster X skidding back. FlamingoMask then continued his attack by performing a rapid series of punches and kicks against Monster X, then using Flamingo Punch against him, sending Monster X flying through several buildings. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Kick against Monster X, but then Monster X countered by using his gravity kick, sending both combatants flying back.

With only Neo Gorosaurus, FlamingoMask and Monster X standing, Monster X then flew off into the skies, retreating for now due to bad damage.

Kaiser Ghidorah Debut: The Reign of Kaiser

Monster X reappeared in city of New Jersey, where he had begun to wreak havoc and cause even more damage there. Ultraman 80 fought on the three monsters, but then Monster X appeared and slammed his own fist into the Ultras chest; sending him skidding back. Fortunately though; Ultraman Great had also arrived to help out Ultraman 80; the two Ultras then both fought Monster X. Ultraman 80 fired his shooting beam at Monster X to which Monster X then fired out his gravity bolts at 80, sending sparks flying. Ultraman 80 ran through the gravity bolts, sparks flying off near him but didn't care; he then leaped up and chopped at Monster X.

Ultraman 80 and Ultraman Great then regrouped and both performed Ultra Knuckle and Great Punch against Monster X; Monster X blocked both blows, looking at the two, smashing his elbow into 80, following up with a roundhouse kick against Great. 80 followed it up by releasing a strong gust of wind from his left hand at Monster X. Monster X then blasted his gravity bolts on the two Ultras, primarily 80. Monster X slammed his elbow into the back of his head, turning to 80 and blasting him with multiple upon multiple bolts of gravity bolts; 80 was blasted, and then blasted back by using his Eye Shot at Monster X.

As Monster X began to bombard the two Ultras some more; Ultraman 80 and Ultraman Great retaliated by both firing their Burning Plasma and Saxium Ray at Monster X at the same time, creating a big blast. But then--- Monster X transformed into Kaiser Ghidorah and began to brutally wail on the two Ultras. Despite their efforts, Kaiser Ghidorah continued to pummel the two and nearly eliminated 80 and Great, but then Father of Ultra came in to save 80 and Great.

Father of Ultra did battle with Kaiser Ghidorah, starting off their fight by flying and blasting a beam of energy against Kaiser Ghidorah. Father of Ultra descended down to the battlefield in front of Kaiser Ghidorah. Father of Ultra then got into battle position and faced Kaiser Ghidorah. Father of Ultra fired his Father Shot beam against Kaiser Ghidorah; Kaiser Ghidorah fired his gravity rays in return. The beams collided, sending lighting dancing as they meet. Father of Ultra followed up the attack by blasting Crescent Shot against Kaiser Ghidorah, the light bullet blasting against him. Kaiser Ghidorah ignored the blasts though and then charged forwards, flying and slamming into the Father of Ultra.

Father of Ultra kicked against Kaiser Ghidorah, the kick being at missile strength. Kaiser Ghidorah was hit by the kick, snorting. Kaiser Ghidorah soon followed up with his own kick, sending Father of Ultra skidding back. After Father of Ultra fired a stream of fire against Kaiser Ghidorah, Kaiser Ghidorah lifted up the Father of Ultra high in the sky, only to slam him head first into the ground. After being slammed down, Father of Ultra then got back up and fired Ultra Shower against Kaiser Ghidorah. Kaiser Ghidorah was hit hard by Ultra Shower and then charged through the stream, slamming into Father of Ultra and biting into his shoulders.

Father of Ultra rapidly used Father Chop against Kaiser Ghidorah, to which Kaiser Ghidorah then flew into the air, cackling at the Father of Ultra before slamming down on him with his two front legs. Father of Ultra grabbed Kaiser Ghidorah's two front legs, and then slashed his horns against them. As Father of Ultra then used Rush Blast at Kaiser Ghidorah, Kamen Rider Genm then arrived and battled the Ghidorah. Father of Ultra then ran up and crouched down, firing his Father Shot against Kaiser Ghidorah, following it up by rapidly punching and kicking against Kaiser Ghidorah, following it up by using Father Kick and Crescent Shot at him.

As Kaiser Ghidorah blasted his Gravity Rays against the area; Father of Ultra used his Father Barrier, deflecting the blasts back against Kaiser Ghidorah. After that, Kamen Rider Genm then used his finisher kick against Kaiser Ghidorah, defeating Kaiser Ghidorah. After Kaiser Ghidorah was defeated, he then reverted back into Monster X, to which Monster X then flew off into the air, retreating for the time being.


Monster X

Monster X

  • Martial Arts Prowess: Monster X, while he has claws and fangs, he rarely uses them and instead prefers doing some type of martial art unknown to Earth.
  • Durability: Due to his bony armor, Monster X is very durable.
  • Levitation: Monster X can levitate for extended periods of time with psychic energy.
  • Gravity Control: Like most Ghidorahs, Monster X has some slight control over gravity.
  • Gravity Bursts/Blasts: Monster X has the ability to fire a stream of golden spiraling, streams of energy from his eyes.
  • Transformation: Monster X (though not willingly) can transform Into Kaiser Ghidorah





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