Morioh is a coastal town located in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. It is the main setting of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, as well as a location in RP's.


Morioh as it appears in the manga.

In the RPverse, The town is noted for its overall mellow and peaceful atmosphere (and lack of monster attacks), but a series of mysterious disappearances have been plaguing the town for the past twenty years.

Notable Locations

  • Angelo Rock
  • Boing Boing Cape
  • Cinderella Beauty Salon
  • Ghost Alley
  • Morioh Train Station
  • Morioh Bakery
  • Morioh Port
  • Rohan Kishibe's House (now uninhabited)
  • Trattoria Trussardi (an Italian restaurant)
  • The Twin Forest Tunnel


  • The town is often jokingly referred to as "Duwang", which is a Chinese mistranslation of "Morioh".

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