Mutant Godzilla Clones
Mutant Godzilla Clones
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Kunin (archenemy)
Rozan (archenemy)
TripGoji (archenemy)
Ulpra, Gfantis, Romeo Blue, MOGUERA 2 & MOGUERA 3
Mutated Godzilla clones
450-500 meters (Cancergojira)
100 meters (Leukocytegojira)
55 meters (Spermgojira)
750-to-800 meters (Cancergojira)
140 meters (Leukocytegojira)
N/A (Spermgojira)
Godzilla Clones
I would say your going down, but that would only motivate you to stop me. „ 

— Cancergojira to Kunin

Isn't it obvious? I'm like a shield, I wouldn't go down that easy. „ 

— Leukocytegojira to Rozan

Is that all you got!? If you think I'm a pain now, just wait until you deal with more of mes! „ 

— Spermgojira to TripGoji, before unleashing multiple clones of himself at TripGoji.

The Mutant Godzilla Clones known as: Cancergojira (ガンゴジラ, Gangojira), Leukocytegojira (白血球ゴジラ, Hakkekkyūgojira) and Spermgojira (精液ゴジラ, Seiekigojira) are a trio of horrifying mutated Godzilla clones. They are all used by Gallibon the Destroyer.




Cancergojira (ガンゴジラ, Gangojira) embodies the most violent part of a Gojiran and is the most evil, savage and sadistic clone. He has very little care about anything, is wildly unpredictable and just wants to watch the world burn. Despite his wild behavior, he is arguably the most intelligent member of the clones, as he was able to outmatch Kunin and thinks outside of the box for his attacks.



Leukocytegojira (白血球ゴジラ, Hakkekkyūgojira)is the most "average" of the Godzilla clones, the only female member of the Mutant Godzilla clones and is the least evil of the trio, but is still a psychotic and unhinged. She likes to boast about her fast regenerative powers, powerful atomic breath and strength. Despite this though, she has been hinted to have more hidden depths, as she did ponder Rozan's words when she (Rozan) told her to that she didn't have to be this way. 



Spermgojira (精液ゴジラ, Seiekigojira) is the cowardly, smug, sly and sneaky scoundrel of the Godzilla clones, whose into gross things and also likes grossing people out. Is also the least intelligent of the Mutant Godzilla Clones.


After being defeated in the Midnight Mayhem II event, Inconnu gathered around some pieces of the Godzillan's skin (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji's) after the fight and took them to be made into his own batch of super strong Godzilla clones. Inconnu then seeked the help from many Viledrode scientists to help create the Mutant Godzilla Clones. 


Debut: The Godzillans vs. the Mutant Godzilla Clones

Inconnu, Gokidon and Mechanical Raban returned to see the progress on the clones, as they had two days left to unleash Manto. Once they got their, they were introduced to the Mutant Godzilla clones themselves. After demonstrating their abilities, Inconnu was impressed with the results. Inconnu when then give them a very important assignment...

Not long afterwards, the Mutant Godzilla Clones were sent out to attack Busan, South Korea. As they got there, both Cancergojira and Spermgojira ambushed Romeo Blue and Cancergojira tore off one of Romeo Blue's hands. They then tossed Romeo Blue aside and made their entrance to Busan. Once the Godzillans (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji) showed up to encounter Inconnu, there they might their match; the Mutant Godzilla Clones. Cancergojira fought Kunin, Leukocytegojira fought Rozan and Spermgojira fought TripGoji.

The fight went out for several hours, it seemed that nothing could stop the Godzilla Clones. Then a massive ship appeared, two MOGUERA units were then deployed, Gfantis and Ulpra came by to rush to their aide and Romeo Blue came back. Spermgojira was the first one defeated, as he was beaten after getting shot by TripGoji and beaten Gfantis. Gfantis then tossed him into the seas. Leukocytegojira was the second-to-last to be defeated, as she was taken down by the combined efforts of Rozan, Gfantis, Ulpra and Romeo Blue. She too was tossed into the seas afterwards.

All that stood was Cancergojira, who had beaten Kunin to a bloody pulp and had him gravely injured. TripGoji had also fallen unconscious, and Cancergojira blasted the two MOGUERA units from out of the skies, as he didn't want them to interrupt him. Just as Cancergojira was about to bludgeon Kunin with a large tower, Romeo Blue then came in and destroyed the tower.

Angered, Cancergojira turned to Romeo Blue and striked him. Cancergojira then held his grip on Romeo Blue, turning his arms all rusty and combustion, slowly killing Romeo Blue. As Kunin got up, he realized what Romeo Blue was doing and told him to not do it. Romeo Blue nodded then held his grip on Cancergojira, holding on really tight. Romeo Blue then exploded on Cancergojira, killing him and severely weakening Cancergojira.Enraged at Romeo Blue's death, Kunin turned into Super Kunin and beat up Cancergojira. Super Kunin then defeated Cancergojira as he super kicked him, sending him flying into the seas, finally finishing the last Mutant Godzilla Clone. The Mutant Godzilla Clones haven't been seen since...


The Mutant Godzilla clones have the basic Gojiran abilities, however they all have their own unique abilities.

  • Metal Combustion: Cancergojira can touch any metal/iron object and turn it into an explosive at will. This can also effect buildings as well.
  • Atomic Breath Hands: Aside from his mouth, Cancergojira can also fire out atomic beams from both of his hands.
  • Boiling Hot Skin: Cancergojira's skin is hotter than magma.
  • Enhanced Strength: Cancergojira is the strongest one of the three Mutant Godzilla clones, as he was capable of taking on seven monsters at the same time and seemingly had little difficulty fighting them off.

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Powerful Atomic Breath: Leukocytegojira's atomic breath is arguably the most powerful of the trios's as it was capable of blowing up several buildings instantly.
  • Cell Shots: Leukocytegojira could fire out slime-balls that resembled white-blood cells from her hands.

  • Slimy Atomic Breath: Spermgojira can fire out a fast, slimy-white atomic breath from his mouth.
  • Duplication: Spermgojira can create multiple but weaker clones of himself.
  • Acidic Spray: Spermgojira can also spray an acidic stream from his mouth as well.
  • Hybrid Change: Spermgojira has the ultimate ability to create a hybrid between Goji DNA and an Organic Enemy. He'd stab them with his tail, and then for a later fight he'd summon them. It's not known how he can do this.


  • In their first appearance, they were known as Mutant Godzilla Clone #1 (Cancergojira), Mutant Godzilla Clone #2 (Leukocytegojira) and Mutant Godzilla Clone #3 (Spermgojira). Inconnu, Gokidon and Mechanical Raban thought up of their names.
  • They are all based of cells, given their appearances and names.
  • The Mutant Godzilla Clones come from the obscure Godzilla manga "The Godzilla Comic Raids Again". 
  • The Mutant Godzilla Clones are essentially evil, psychotic counterparts to Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji, with Cancergojira being an evil counterpart to Kunin, Leukocytegojira being an evil counterpart of Rozan and Spermgojira being an evil counterpart to TripGoji.


13 Godzilla Comes Ashore Again M1401:55

13 Godzilla Comes Ashore Again M14

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