Mutant Jellyfish
Mutant Jellyfish
Used by
Gokidon, Hetzer
Makia, Heisei Gamera, Zilla Jr. (Lostverse)
Mutated Jellyfish
Not known
?? feet
40 feet
The Viledrodes
Godzilla The Series Kaiju
Oh sure, pick on the small kaiju why don't ya? „ 

— Mutant Jellyfish to Lostverse! Zilla Jr.

Dag yo. „ 

— Mutant Jellyfish

Mutant Jellyfish (a.k.a Shrimpy by Gokidon) is a mutant kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Mutant Jellyfish is more of an annoyance than an actual threat and is a wannabe big bad kaiju. He's quick to anger and is kind of pathetic. He also speaks in a Brooklyn accent. Due to his overall short temper and low endurance, he's often used as a starter monster or to be used as a distraction. He loves the chase though.


Mutant Jellyfish (as well as Ballinger Z) was a monster that Cameron Winter sold to Emperor Tazarus and the rest of the Viledrodes.

Mutant Jellyfish was sent out along with Gualagon and Ballinger Z in Hetzer's attack on Yakarta. There he fought off against Makia a bit. He suffered minor injuries in his arms from the duel, but was overall okay.

Mutant Jellyfish appeared to attack Greenland and was on a rampage up until a portal opened up revealing to be Lostverse! Zilla Jr.. Mutant Jellyfish then fought against Lostverse! Zilla Jr. but was easily taken care of.

He once again was on the chase after committing a heist near Tampa, Florida he was once again on a pursuit being chased by Makia and LV! Zilla Jr.. He got away though, but he was actually the least of Makia and LV! Zilla Jr.'s worries when a colossal prawn monster rose up from the depths...


  • Mutant Jellyfish can fire out acidic globs from his mouth.
  • Mutant Jellyfish can fly.
  • Mutant Jellyfish is a fast swimmer.


  • Getting overwhelmed/beaten up in battle. 


  • Despite his name, Mutant Jellyfish looks nothing like a jellyfish. in fact, he looks more similar to a prawn.

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