Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Onibaba, Himantura, Emperor Tazarus, Hetzer, Karloff, Xendrax, Camero
Striker Eureka, BirthGoji, IguanaGoji, Wolf Queen, Shameless Fox, Redflag Horowitz, 15Goji, CenturyAngira
Anteverse Kaiju
Not known
90 meters
?? meters
Breach Kaiju, Viledrodes
Pacific Rim Kaiju
Pathetic. „ 

— Mutavore

Mutavore is a Category IV Breach Kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Mutavore is a tough and headstrong warrior monster, as she likes to smash stuff and is a brutal fighter who doesn't like to show mercy. Interestingly enough, off the battlefield Mutavore is a lot more calmer and socialable, getting along well with her other Breach comrades and other Viledrode monsters. She is sometimes mistaken for a male, which aggrivates her.


Early Appearances


Mutavore was a kaiju from the Anteverse who was freed by the Viledrodes. She was sent in to fight against BirthGoji and IguanaGoji. She then left after she was ordered to retreat for now. 

Australian Ambush

She and the other Breach Kaiju partook in the Viledrodes fight/invasion of Australia, there she fought off against the Kaijumancer Gigan. She played a minor in it, mainly defending against the STAPDA forces and battling against the Kaijumancer Gigan.

Karloff Appears In Mankato

Mutavore unexpectedly showed up to assist Karloff in his attack on Mankato, Minnesota and took on the three Rookie Jaegers (Redflag Horowitz, Wolf Queen, and Shameless Fox) head on. She inflicted major damage on Shameless Fox, by ramming her bladehead into his chest several times and stepping on Redflag a bunch. Eventually, the Jaegers retreated. After Xendrax and Camero congratulated her and Karloff on a job well done, Xendrax ordered Mutavore to keep watch on Karloff for a while, which Mutavore obeyed to do so. After Xendrax and Camero left, Mutavore (and Karloff) took off.

Midnight Mayhem III

Main article: Midnight Mayhem III.

Attack on Paris



  • Physical Strength
  • Scissor Tail: Mutavore can use his tail like a pair of scissors.
  • Axehead
  • Claws


  • Mutavore's original name was "Bladehead".
  • Originally Mutavore was going to being a solo kaiju, but she was later given allies to go with her.
  • She really likes to bring up that one time she destroyed that Anti-Kaiju Wall.
  • She currently has no theme.

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