Experiment #12, Myriad
Used by
Gyaos King
Zanon (Made to be extremely loyal to him), Nidhoggr, Shadorah, The Gyaos Army
Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen, Redflag Horowitz
Mutated Bee Legion
120 Meters
50 Meters
Zanon's Enforcement
Original Character

Myriad is an Original Character used by GyaosKing485.


Myriad takes the form of a gigantic humanoid beehive. It has no legs, and keeps itself flying due to the troops inside it. It's left arm takes the form of a gigantic honeycomb that shoots out gigantic bees, while the right is a gigantic stinger that also acts as an organic dagger. At it's "head", there is actually a resting place for the queen, which controls the entire colony.


Myriad is an intelligent being, but none the less is feral. It will attack almost any foe not in working with Zanon on sight, and shows almost no mercy when fighting. However, it does show a degree of intelligence, such as knowing when to dodge and exactly where to strike with it's stinger strategically.


  • Corrosive honey, which can be shot from the left arm.
  • A bee cannon from the left arm.
  • A gigantic stinger from the right arm.
  • Flight.
  • Higher class bees which have poisonous stingers.
  • Minor psychic abilities, though it's only for the queen.


  • As should be noted, if the queen is threatened directly, the rest of the colony will rush to her. This would allow one to attack where they aren't.
  • It should also be noted that if the queen dies, the entire colony falls apart unless a new one is made by Zanon.


  • Myriad is based off of the idea of an organic mecha, of which it is composed of.
  • As should be noted, the word "Myriad" roughly translates to "A countless or extremely great number."
  • Originally, Myriad was supposed to be an ant kaiju, though it was found to be too strange to work, and instead was made into a bee kaiju.
  • Myriad's theme song is "Killer Queen" by the rock band known as Queen.

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