Neo Abraxas
Used by
Jay's Wing
The Crystal Cavalier, Pyre
BirthGoji, ROE Orga
50 meters
500 meters
So I need you to take Ghidorah back into our captivity. You will get your revenge soon enough. „ 

The Crystal Cavalier in a conversation with Neo Abraxas.

Neo Abraxas is a giant black dragon kaiju and RP-character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Neo Abraxas is not inherently evil. In fact, he seems neutral to most matters he's ran into. The problem with him is one kaiju: BirthGoji. For some unknown reason, Neo Abraxas absolutely despises Birth, and will stop at nothing to leave his nemesis dead.


Vs BirthGoji

At some unknown time, Neo Abraxas was hired into the Crystal Empire by The Crystal Cavalier, at the same time that Pyre was. Soon after Pyre's attack on Birthgoji and kidnapping of PS4 King Ghidorah, though, he was very quickly stolen back by Birth and co. Neo Abraxas was sent to BirthGoji's island to get the corrupted three-headed dragon back with a horde of Gyaos and Trilopods.

As the battle commenced, Inferno DesGhidorah turned to the Gyaos as Neo Abraxas traded blows with BirthGoji. ROE Orga attacked but the black dragon dodged, sending Orga into a pack of Trilopods. Attacking with green flame and claws rakes, Neo Abraxas was once again interrupted by ROE Orga.

Neo Abraxas and BirthGoji continued to attack eachother viciously. Both shot fireballs point blank. Neo Abraxas bit Birth's arm and breathed fire into the bite, Birth stabbed into Abraxas' neck with his claws. Birth used a nuclear pulse to get Neo Abraxas off of him, only to get back into a gruesome melee with him seconds later. Finally, as a beam clash started between Birth's atomic breath and Abraxas' green fire, ROE Orga knocked the dragon out of the sky with his shoulder cannon.

Neo Abraxas turned his attention to ROE Orga, fighting him now instead. As Orga tried to bring Abraxas down in flight, Neo Abraxas let himself fall and land on ROE Orga. The two traded blows. Neo Abraxas was slammed into the ground. ROE Orga was impaled by a rock, but gained Neo Abraxas' DNA. Suddenly, BirthGoji came back into the fight, slamming an atomic beam into Neo Abraxas. After this, the rest of the battle and its outcome are unknown.


  • Tough scales as armor
  • Claws, teeth, etc.
  • Can fly at Mach 5
  • Breathes green fire from maw
  • Great physical strength and durability


  • Neo Abraxas was made when Fr0stfur turned Pyre from a red to black dragon, and decided to change his name accordingly.
  • Neo Abraxas is the 2nd brother of three dragons: Pyre, Himself, and one that Jay's Wing has yet to reveal.

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