Neo El Gusano
Neo El Gusano
Used by
El Gusano Gigante
Redflag Horowitz, Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen, Plissken, Kujak
Mutated Central American Worm
?? meters
120 meters
Neo Kaiju
Ja ja ja ja, fool. „ 

— Neo El Gusano

Neo El Gusano (ネオ エルグサノ, Neo Eru Gusano) is a mutant worm kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He is El Gusano Gigante's partner-in crime and associate.


Neo El Gusano is a crafty and equally as slimy as his partner, El Gusano Gigante. He likes to commit crimes for the fun of it and is pretty smooth and sly. He's also a sore loser.


Debut: Struggle In Melbourne

Main article: Struggle in Melbourne.

Don't Flinch!

After his defeat in Melbourne, both he and his fellow criminal El Gusano Gigante and burrowed away into a new area. There they met Plissken, who Neo El Gusano taunted for a little up until Plissken slammed him hard into the ground. He then got mad and threw his explosive jalapenos at Plissken, only then to bashed by Kujak. Not wanting to deal any longer with Plissken and Kujak, Neo El Gusano (as well as El Gusano Gigante) burrowed away underground and escaped.

Los Gusanos vs. Hothead

Neo El Gusano and El Gusano Gigante later traveled to San Diego (or at least that's what Hothead claimed it to be) nd fofught against Hothead. Neo El Gusano threw as many explosive jalapens as he could against Hothead and combatted him with his melee attacks, he no match for now more powerful Hothead. At the end, Hothead then tied up both him and El Gusano Gigante together like a knot and then threw them away elsewhere.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Thick Hides: Neo El Gusano has thick, rubbery hide repels tank shells.
  • Burrowing: Neo El Gusnao is able to burrow underground at very high speed.
  • Energy Boost: Neo El Gusano can gain an energy boost from a particular breed of flower.
  • Explosive Jalapenos: Neo El Gusano carries around his very own brand of these lethal jalapenos he can use as explosive projectiles at his enemies.


  • Fire: Neo El Gusano iss weak against fire.


  • Neo El Gusano was originally going to appear in a later RP, but he was partnered up with El Gusano Gigante himeself when it came to his appearance in Struggle in Melbourne.


Santana - Smooth

Santana - Smooth