Neo Ghost Godzilla
Used by
Neo Baragon, Kiryu 2007
Undead Gojiran
185 Meters
275 Meters (Total Body)
Chaotic Neutral
Neo Kaiju

Neo Ghost Godzilla (ネオゴーストゴジラ Neogōsutogojira) is an undead Gojiran and an RP character used by IForgotIExistedERHURHUR.


In 2003, KIRYU had its massive, final battle with GODZILLA III in the streets of Tokyo. When the battle drew to its end, Kiryu’s DNA computer reawoke its instincts as the former King of the Monsters, GODZILLA I. The giant cyborg carried Godzilla out into the ocean, and the two plummeted into the Japan Trench, where the younger monster was laid at the bottom of the sea, and allowed to heal from his battle. Kiryu, having absorbed much of Godzilla’s atomic heat ray, shut down its circuitry…and began to change. The techno-organic heart in its chassis was beginning to mutate and fuse with the skeleton in its frame…expelling inorganic material…growing new nervous systems, new muscles, new organs and a new brain. Even still, its ghostly properties remained.

GHOST GODZILLA was born this day.

Thankfully for Japan, it had other protectors. Tachibana Yuri had just completed a study on the legends of OROCHI, and was covering the discovery of the Shrine of Orochi, which presented a wealth of information on the kaiju that may or may not have been born from the legendary monster. Her co-writer, Takeda, dug up an old book, “The Legend of the Yamato Guardians,” written by a Professor Isayama back before Godzilla even appeared. His findings were immediately dismissed and he lost all credibility…and after the Kaiju Boom began in the 50’s and 60’s, his works were forgotten in the wealth of new information being discovered every year. The professor met Yuri in the forests of Gotenba, and after being arrested for one reason or another, was able to talk to her in the police station. He expressed to her that Godzilla was returning…the TRUE Godzilla, and the original that laid waste to Japan. Now that the Shrine of Orochi was opened, the timing was perfect to defend Japan from Godzilla’s wrath, to try and at least quell some of the tragedy that would befall them. He gave her a small amulet, and told her he must go where “the Great Varan sleeps…he will call the others to him.” Leaving the son of his brother to the ocean’s depth, Ghost Godzilla began rampaging on the outlying islands until making his presence known on mainland Japan. Storming across the land, howling with fury, the monster had a purpose: annihilate mankind who had so grievously betrayed him. While the nation panicked (again) at this new Godzilla, Yuri’s father, Admiral Tachibana, was put in charge of the Anti-Godzilla plan: G-Force’s funds were all but drained after the Kiryu fiasco, and virtually no super-weapons were available….except for a new type of drill missile. First, Ghost Godzilla met against BARAGON, the Guardian of Earth and one of Orochi’s first children. During the battle at Gotenba, Professor Isayama disappeared, and Godzilla defeated Baragon…though the smaller kaiju vanished as well. Later, Godzilla moved through one of the lakes on the outskirts of Tokyo, where he fought MANDA, Guardian of Water. The mighty dragon proved a sufficient match for Godzilla, but she too was defeated…and vanished. Professor Isayama walked into the deep cavern in the far, far north of Japan. He was surrounded by ice, and deep below, there slept the mighty VARAN, Guardian of the Sky. Using an old summoning rite, Varan was awoken, and the monster took off for Tokyo, Isayama reveling in his work before being crushed by stone. Finally, Godzilla appeared in Shinjuku, smashing and leveling the city block-by-block. However, a strange object appeared in the night sky: the reptilian Varan had come to defend its birthright from this mutant aberration. The battle was long and fierce; claws raked scales, winds blew buildings apart, and atomic fire engulfed the streets. Then, Baragon and Manda appeared, and a colossal four-way-brawl erupted in the city. At the interim, Godzilla seemed victorious. He killed Baragon and Manda…their life force peppering the night sky like a thousand glittering diamonds…but Yuri suddenly became overwhelmed with a new purpose. Having braved the battlefield to report the battle to her viewers, she climbed the rubble where Varan lay prostrate, defeated by Godzilla’s atomic fire. Taking out the amulet, she dropped it into the fearsome maw of the reptile, and his eyes snapped open once again! The power of his fellow Orochi spawn flowed into him, and Varan was reborn! Now he had enough strength to match Godzilla’s fury, and the two monsters took their battle out to sea, where the Monster King’s power and cunning were pit against Varan’s raw elemental energies. While the two fought, Admiral Tachibana and his right-hand lieutenant took a pair of mini-subs to try and aid Varan. Godzilla rose once more and engaged Varan in combat – the giant reptile blasted Godzilla with lightening and fire, but the Monster King displayed a shocking new power and absorbed his enemy’s power, combined it with his own and re-directed it! Varan was vaporized…but suddenly, the spirits of the Orochi Spawn entered Godzilla’s body, paralyzing him and allowing Admiral Tachibana to ram his sub down Godzilla’s throat, much to everyone’s horror. When Godzilla rose once more, the missile was fired into his gullet, where it exploded against his radioactive heart, causing Godzilla’s body to go nuclear! The sub escaped only barely, with Tachibana suffering only minor radiation poisoning. He reunited with his daughter, and Japan was safe for another day… …Of course, Godzilla couldn’t be killed that easily. The monster’s massive, mutant heart lay at the bottom of Tokyo Bay – STILL BEATING – it wasn’t until a few days later that a clean-up crew found it, and G-Force quickly shipped it to a study center. To their surprise and terror, the heart was growing a little bit every day. The higher-ups of the UNGCC and the EDF ordered the heart sent to Antarctica, where it would be frozen and encased in Area G…but even that wasn't enough to stop it. Within a month's time, the wretched beast awoke, crashing out of the ice. Twice wronged. Humanity shall pay in blood.


Ghost Godzilla is a very vengeful beast, seeking to destroy humanity. He often takes great joy in leveling cities, and seeing if he can beat his Mushroom Cloud record (basically the biggest explosion he's made). As for his "brother", Neo Godzilla, he seems to care for him and his son. He will largely ignore other kaiju unless they A. benefit him in enacting his vengeance, or B. brutally beat them down if they get in his way. When he isn't leveling cities, he's living quietly under the waters.


Debut: Neo GMK, act 1

Godzilla, during his rampage through china, was challenged by Neo Baragon. They both fought to a standstill, before Godzilla, having already destroyed the area, left in order to conserve his energy.

Godzilla VS. Mechagodzilla: Revisited

The waters of the san francisco bay area start to churn, some of the water even boiling. It crackles, before the undead nuclear saurian rises, a grimace displayed on his face. He let out a fearsome roar that sent the citizens into panic. They soon tried to evacuate and roll out the artillery, but you know how that fails. A powerful maser beam is then blasted against him. He grunts, the beam causing smoke to rise from his charcoal skin. His spines flashed at he turned to the culprit. 2007 Kiryu flies up with jets, before then landing down in front of  NGG, getting into battle position, then fires some missiles. He snarled, firing his atomic ray, detonating the missiles too early so they wouldn't hit. He's fought AS kiryu before, so he knows what capabilities they usually have. Kiryu is hit, and he makes a metallic roar and then rushes towards NGG, tail slamming him. NGG is hit by the tail, growling in slight pain, before reaching out annd ggrabbing it. With a heave, he hoists Kiryu up and throws him. After crash landing, Kiryu opens his mouth and then fires his Electrical Cannon. His spines shift and glow, before he parts his maw, firing an atomic blast that connects with the beam. Kiryu applies some more pressure, eletrical cannon getting more intense with energy. NGG eventually stops his ray all toggether, the electrical cannon hitting him full force. However, some electric strands crackle alongg his body and disappear into his spines. His eyes glow even more as he opens his mouth, each spine flashingg erratically before he lets loose an electrically charged spiral beam. Kiryu is then blasted by the attack, crashing against many buildings, having been hit hard. Kiryu slowly gets up after. NGG trudges forward, a sinister grin on his face. He relished beating the humans' mechs. It always rendered them defenseless to his wrath. Kiryu charged at him with his drill. NGG blasted at the ground, but was still slashed. NGG oars as the drill slashes his skin, blood seeping through the wound. He put a claw over it, staring at his enemy. How dare he, NGG thought. He slams his body into the mech, resulting in a loud CLANK. He knocks the mech over and pins it. Fueled by pure vengence, his eyes turn red, and so does his beam as he fires it down. Kiryu fired his cannon, but it only fueled another spiral beam. Kiryu is hit by NGG's beam, sent crashing against some more buildings, getting caught up in a fiery blast. NGG slowly moved his claw off of his wound, as it was healing again. He stares at the resulting mushroom cloud from the blast. He loved seeing those. Two maser beams then blast out from the fire, hitting NGG with brute force. He growled as he turned his side to the beams. He roars in fury. He hates it when his supposed victories are interrupted. Kiryu walks out from the blast, covered in flames and damaged though, slowly walking out. Kiryu cocks his arms, and then fires a few missiles around NGG's area, creating an explosion around him. NGG is completely obscured by the flames...and then they part as he walks out, small flames still burning on parts of his body. He fires a beam right at Kiryu's chest. Kiryu falls over as he fires missiles. A foot slams down hard into the damaged mech's chest, pinning him. Two glowingg white eyes peer down in the midst of the fires and flames coming from the city. There are ddiscolored patches on the gojiran's body from where the missiles impacted. Anyone piloting the kiryu at the time would only see rage in his blank white eyes. Almost as if they were burning with the same fires as the city currently was. He slams his tail into kiryu multiple times, seemingly toying with it. Kiryu sparks a bit, then his jets activate, flying off for repairs, haven being heavily damaged. NGG stood in the smoldering ruins of the city. He fired a beam to see one last mushroom cloud, before deeming his work there done and heading back to sea.


  • Sixth Sense: He is seemingly capable of detecting danger.
  • Atomic Breath
  • Ghost Pulse: His nuclear pulse contains properties that can drain the opponent of their lifeforce.
  • Regenerative Healing Power
  • Projectile Absorption: He can absorb enemy attacks and re-direct them through either his pulse or an atomic blast, turning the latter option into a spiral ray.


Godzilla's Rage

Godzilla's Rage


Neo Ghost Godzilla Roars

Neo Ghost Godzilla Roars


  • He was originally owned by Gallibon.
  • The Image shown is IFIE's edited version The original Image can be seen below.
  • Godzilla Neo GHOST GODZILLA by KaijuSamurai