Neo Jet Jaguar
Used by
the Abnormal monsters, KH, Mugandramon
KS, FoxMask, Yuki Certasancti, Delta Biollante, Silveon
Evil Leaders

Neo Jet Jaguar is the leader of the KH forces in the Kaiju War.


Neo Jet Jaguar was once a super computer called P3J2, a war machine invented for strategic purposes and has no regard for Human life. He grew to hate humans, until an accident sent him back in time to 1978. He devised a plan to eliminate the Humans, but he knew the good Kaiju would get in the way. For years he manipulated the databases of countries around the world, making the humans hate Kaiju. During his time travel, get managed to absorb a mysterious crystal that allows him to bend dimensions. He warped a parallel domination to bring over the Abnormal Monsters, so he could have a force he could control. He inserted Abnormal Mecha-King Ghidorah as the face, and controlled behind the scenes. He was revealed, then he downloaded himself into a new body one his old one was destroyed. He called himself "Neo Jet Jaguar", then took off into space, vowing to return.

He fought FoxMask on a planet made of zombies for a mysterious crystal. He revealed he had control over the Dimension Crystal, allowing him to super charge his attacks. It was revealed that the mysterious crystal was the Time Crystal, and FoxMask used it against him. Neo Jet Jaguar transported them both to a universe that once contained a Crack RP, and fought him there. FoxMask then unlocked the powers of the Time Crystal, and froze time to attack him. Neo Jet Jaguar was defeated, and disappeared as he began to fade.

He made a few minor appearances after that.

He appeared in Moscow, and destroyed the military forces. He fought Silveon, and caused much destruction in the process. He managed to obtain the control panel of Russia's nuclear weapons. He launched a nuke into the tunnels below Moscow, destroying the city and all around it. He then met with the former members of the KH and organized a plan.

He lead a battle against the Kamen Riders and managed to destroy their base. He was then bisected at the torso and half of his right side was blown up by Foxmask.

He reactivated after a certain time offline, and was going to be tortured by the Abnormal monsters. He was then saved and rebuilt by Mugendramon. Because of this, he lost his dimension powers.


That's a Big Magnet (Transformers Age of Extinction Score)02:52

That's a Big Magnet (Transformers Age of Extinction Score)

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