Neo Manda
Neo Manda
Used by
Neo Gigan, Neo Komodithrax, Neo SMG, Neo Varan, Neo Titanosaurus, Zilla Jr., ReginaGoji
El Gusano Gigante, Female SpaceGodzilla, Dark Space MOGUERA, Kamacuras 2007, Kuomnga 2007
??? meters
200 meters
Neo Team/Earth Defenders
Earth Defenders

Neo Manda (ネオ マンダ Neo Manda) is a mythical sea dragon-serpent and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Neo Manda is not easily impressed and takes her missions pretty seriously. She is also somewhat moody and sometimes prefers to be left alone. Overall though she's a nice gal.


Neo Manda was a member of the Neo Team and one of their core members.

She appeared to duel against El Gusano Gigante when he was threatening Neo Titanosaurus and Zilla Jr.. She managed to chase him off and then chatted with the two. Afterwards, she left.

She reappeared again later to fight off Female SpaceGodzilla and Dark Space MOGUERA with Neo Varan. After Dark Space MOGUERA was too much for them to handle, Neo Manda and Neo Varan then left.

She later traveled to Paris to help Neo Varan fight off Unleashed Kumonga and Unleashed Kamacuras. After the fight, she swam away.

As of late, her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Constricting Body: Neo Manda has extremely powerful coils exert hundreds of thousands of points of pressure per square foot.
  • Armored Scales: Neo Manda has armored scales guard against most conventional weaponry.
  • Electrical Shock: Neo Manda can generate intense electrical power through fangs in excess of 1 million volts.
  • Adept Swimmer: Neo Manda can swim at a swimming speed in excess of 60 knots.
  • Hydrokinesis: Neo Manda has Water-based powers


  • Neo Manda was originally used by JadgVlady.
  • Neo Manda is Gallibon the Destroyer's first Neo kaiju.

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