The Millenian Abomination
Neo Orga
Used by
His Master, Neo Obsidius, Neo Krystalak, Harpy Gyaos, The Crystal Legion
His "father"
Maybe Trillions of years old.
205 meters
209 meters
Neo Kaiju

Neo Orga (ネオ オルガ Neo Oruga) is a mutated kaiju used by Nobody


Origin of the Mutation 

Long Before human kind existed a space ship piloted by an alien race known as the millennian's came to earth in an advanced spaceship during the Cretaceous period in order to establish their own empire. However, their ship crashed into the ocean and shut down due to a lack of incoming solar energy. The Millennians were forced to convert their bodies into antimatter and become dormant.Sleeping for thousands of years until being awakened.

The Return Of the Mutation 


The Birth Of A Abomination 



Main article: DNArmageddon.


Extreme Strength: Neo Orga is one of the strongest Monsters on the planet, able to lift and throw any kaiju like they were play things. 

Shoulder Cannon: On Orga's Left shoulder lies a massive hole, this hole on his shoulder can charge up with large amounts of yellow energy and fire a large, concussive blast of energy that can send even the likes of Godzilla flying. It also causes large explosions. 

Organizer G1: One of Orgas primary abilities, Orga has a regenerative factor that even trumps the likes of biollante. He can regenerate small wounds in milliseconds and major wounds in seconds or even a minute or two. Because of this regeneration factor, Orga is extreamly hard to kill. 

Durability: Orga has decent durability, he can tank beams and physical attacks at times but not all the time. His decent durability though is made up for with his regeneration factor. 

D.N.A. Absorption: One of orgas most deadliest abilities, Orga has the ability to absorb DNA from any organic material which changes his physical form and allows him to access said monsters abilities. He can even completely clone another kaiju just by absorbing their D.N.A.  


While Neo Orga may not be the smartest kaiju, he is still a smart kaiju. In fact, Orga acts like a brute to fool his enemies into a false sense of wits, which allows him to quickly think of plans to beat them into submission and absorb there D.N.A. 

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  • Neo orgas name comes from Godzilla's regeneration called Organizer G1 
  • Neo Orga likes to play with cars when he is bored. 
  • Neo Orga is the first member of Neo Spacegodzilla's army to kill another mutant kaiju.