Steady, steady...

Neo Titanosaurus
Used by
Komi, Neo Gigan, Neo Anguirus, Neo Godzilla, Neo Mechagodzilla 2, Neo Mechagodzilla, Gira
120 meters
200 meters
Neo Team

Titanosaurus is an RP character by TheSuperMechaVlady (now JadgVlady).


As a kid, Titanosaurus liked to shoot down wild animals with his slingshot. He had an amazing accuracy, and when discovered this, he started to train to his life as a sniper. At the times when the Empire of Japan started attacking and conquering Oceania, the British Army ordered to build a giant Lee Enfield, only for Titanosaurus, as people were amazed of his accuracy. He protected Australia by shooting down Japanese planes and boats.

When he was an adult, he joined the Elite Four, the team previous to the Neo Team, participating as the sniper of the team.



Titanosaurus is brave, quiet and calm, not raging when missing a target. His Achilles Heel is his weak and fragile heart.


  • As said before, Titanosaurus has perfect accuracy and precision when using any weapon. If he feels an enemy, he doesn't hustle in shooting it down, even if he isn't in his line of sight.
  • Eye of the Midnight Eagle: At night, this ability gets triggered. This allows Titanosaurus to see any enemy at night, and allows silent assassinations so he doesn't get detected.
  • Red-Targeting: This ability triggers tunnel-vision, so Titanosaurus can focus better on single targets in a large group. A red crosshar is projected on his eye, making every shot count. The only disadvantage of this ability is that he sees worse his sorroundings, making this ability only worth it when the enemy is coming from one side.
  • His tail can create a large wind to repel enemies or to distract them. With the correct stream of wind, he can even create a hurricane or a tornado.
  • He was born a swimmer; he can swim up to speeds of 500 knots and be on the entrails of the deepest body of water, to hide better and surprise the enemy.


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