Neo Varan
Neo Varan
Used by
Neo Manda (best friend)
Female SpaceGodzilla, Dark Space MOGUERA, Varan 2007, Kuomnga 2007, Kamacuras 2007
Giant Gliding Reptile
45 meters
90 meters
Earth Defenders
Earth Defenders
We're all going to die. „ 

— Neo Varan, sometimes.

Neo Varan (ネオ バラン Neo Baran) is a gliding reptilian kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Neo Varan is really sarcastic, pessimistic and is a very feisty fellow. He's not a coward but just doesn't want to die. Despite this, he is capable of going against guys who are much bigger than him. He is also good friends with Neo Manda, who he often relies on for protection.


Neo Varan first appeared along with Neo Manda to fight against Female SpaceGodzilla and Dark Space MOGUERA. When it turned out Dark Space MOGUERA was too much for him, he (and Neo Manda) left.

Later on he briefly fought Varan 2007 at Peru during the aliens attack. Afterwards he traveled to Paris to fight Unleashed Kamacuras and Unleashed Kumonga; where there he defeated Unleashed Kumonga. After the fight, he then flew away.

As of late, his current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Armored Hide: Neo Varan has an armored hide repulses most conventional weaponry.
  • Spikes:' Neo Varan has huge spikes on claws and tail use a horrifically strong venom to subdue prey.
  • Flight: Max flight speed of Mach 1, and extremely maneuverable (more than Rodan, but not as much as Megaguirus).
  • Aerokinesis: Neo Varan has wind-based powers


  • Neo Varan is the only Neo kaiju allied with the Neo Team who is not a member of the Neo Team.
  • He hates being called a Triphibian.

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