Experiment #13, Nidhoggr
Used by
Gyaos King
Zanon (Made to be extremely loyal to him), Myriad, Shadorah, The Gyaos Army
Nobody yet
Mutated Komodo Dragon
200 Meters
100 Meters
Zanon's Enforcement
Original Character

Nidhoggr is a Kaiju used by GyaosKing485.


Nihdoggr is heavily mutated by what Zanon's troops did to him. He now has four eyes, is bipedal, his teeth are the size of buildings, and he has multiple horns growing out of his head. Nihdoggr's lower eyes were instantly gouged out and replaced with cybernetic ones. His tongue, hind legs, and tail were also replaced with cybernetic parts. Poor lizard.


As should be noted, due to the eye implants, he is made to be very loyal to Zanon. He also notably avoids killing wildlife. Along with that, it sees carnage as a form of joy, and will go out of it's way to do so as long as it wants to the enemy. Aside from that, the rest of his former self were ripped out of his mind by Zanon.


  • Cybernetic tongue which allows it to spew out fire from it's mouth
  • Tail which allows it to shoot out electricity and shock others
  • Extremely sharp claws, which can tear apart entire city blocks like they are paper against a paper shredder
  • Cybernetic hind legs, which keep it from falling down
  • Lower eyes, which allow it to both shoot out lasers from them and focus on the enemy from far distances
  • A plated armor form, which increases durability and power, but lowers speed
  • A self destruct sequence, only designed when Nidhoggr is willing to end it's own life to better Zanon's cause


  • Nidhoggr is named after the dragon in Norse Mythology named Níðhöggr. Said beast was the causer of Ragnarok, a cataclysmic event where it destroys the World Tree Yggdrasil, killing nearly everything.

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