Date Performed
PS4 Battra

The North Sea Rumble was a battle that occurred on September 13, 2015.

My Shit Photoshop

a visual representation of the North Sea Rumble


PS4 Battra is awoken from his 12,000-year slumber and spots FrankGoji. Battra then challenges the Gojiran, who accepts. The battle starts with them firing all of their different beams at each other, but it quickly turns into a close-combat battle. After a while, the two get into a beam clash. FrankGoji then harnesses spiral energy from a spiral beam into his fist and punches the dark moth, burning his hand to the bone but making Battra collapse and unable to stand back up. FrankGoji then helps the moth up, before thanking him for the battle.

Major Events

  • PS4 Battra makes his debut.
  • FrankGoji learns a new move: the "Spiral Fist".

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