New Obsidian
Used by
Crystalleon, Glacier, Atmos, Eclipse, Athens, Woods, Grim, SquidMask, Omnia, The Equilibrium, Knights of Zun, Trahir, Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim (Formerly), Kamen Rider Dark Decade (Formerly)
FoxMask (formerly), Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim (deceased)
313 meters
500 meters
The Equilibrium, Limbo
Gods, Neutrals

Obsidian is an RP character and deity used by DrGodzilla120. He has played many roles, from villain to hero to somewhere in between.


Thousands of years prior to the events of WZRP, a boy grew up in a family that lived in a city within a kingdom, where they were some of the only of their kind there. 

At one point, his family contracted a disease that he was apparently immune to. Despite the disease being relatively harmless, the city became paranoid, fearing the spread of the disease and its effects, with details about its symptoms gradually becoming exaggerated. The boy's family was shunned and avoided by the other residents of the city, before they were eventually executed and burned, in the name of preventing this spread. Fearing that the boy himself, despite him being immune, had contracted the disease, the city attempted to kill him, though he managed to flee.

Left without a home, the boy eventually encountered and joined a group of bandits who took him in and raised him like their own. While the bandits treated him as and acted as his family, he never forgot his kin by birth, and harbored deep desires for vengeance within him.

Many years later, the boy had grown tall, muscular, and agile, and was now closer with his bandit friends than ever before. During a particular raid on a town with the bandits, the boy discovered a book inside a mystic's house, detailing several rituals. During the night, within his own quarters, with most of the bandits asleep, the boy performed a ritual and contacted a demon. The boy agreed to trade his soul for when he died to the demon, in exchange for the powers needed to grant him vengeance. For the rage that he had kept throughout his life, the demon granted him fire. For his unwavering will and stubborn desire to pursue his goals, the demon gave him earth. With the power he had been granted, the boy prepared to finally carry out what he had been preparing for his entire life, but left the bandit group behind, wishing to keep them out of the potential consequences of his quest for revenge. He left no parting message, worrying that they would pursue him if they found out where he was.

The grown-up boy proceeded to target the city that he had first lived in. Without any opposition to his powers, he assaulted and razed the city, burning down every home, person, and belonging inside.

It was not just that city he wanted vengeance against, however. The so-called gods of the world had abandoned him and his family in their time of need, and left them to die. As such, he wanted to teach the gods themselves a lesson. He sought to burn as much of the gods' creation as possible. He would give them, at least, a slash across the face.

And so he continued. Every city and village in his path burned and collapsed. Millions died, as the ground underneath them split open and liquid fire rushed out, engulfing them.

At last, however, he met his match. 

Others, seeking to stop his rampage, had formed a group to combat him. While he managed to kill all of them, they had left him mortal wounds, which he died of shortly.

His pact with the demon, in addition to the death and destruction he had caused in his life, guaranteed him a place in Hell. 

A chain was attached to each of his arms, made of an unbreakable metal, hanging him up between two pillars. Every day, he was scorched with fire and magma. Every day, his skin and flesh were cut by some of the sharpest blades ever known. He was flayed, and when his skin grew back, he was flayed again. His hands were cut off and regenerated, with the bone deforming to a point where he could make it burst out like a blade with the flick of a wrist. The grown-up boy, however, did not submit, even as his blood turned to magma and his skin was charred a permanent black.

When his overseers failed to watch, the grown-up boy trained himself. He kept himself in shape, growing even stronger by the day. He kept this process repeating for thousands of years, refusing to be broken by Hell's torture. Eventually, he grew strong enough. Unable to break the metal that made up his chains, the boy ripped the chains themselves out of the pillars they were embedded in.

The boy fought his way through Hell. He disemboweled, decapitated, and dismembered every demon that crossed his path. When he finally escaped, the demons could not find him. His aura smelled of earth and fire, and that alone.

The grown-up boy had broken out of Hell, with two unbreakable chains to remind him of his stay there. In his time spent in there, he had not broken, but had forgotten things, one of which included his name. The boy examined himself, and, noticing his scales had become as dark as obsidian, took it as his name.

Obsidian scoured the changed world, and found more people with powers similar to him. People able to bend the elements to their will. He befriended some of them, and, with his previous experience in combat, commanding voice, and unbreakable will, became their leader. It was a team now. Obsidian, Glacier, Atmos, and Eclipse. With even more wrath built up from his experiences in the underworld, Obsidian wanted to take it out on the world once more, but he was prepared this time, with a team of his own.

However, on one of his first attacks on a city, he encountered two men dressed in odd armor, who identified themselves as "Kamen Riders", bearing the names Bujin Gaim and Dark Decade. With the two of them and his team, he razed and conquered cities and lands. During this time, Obsidian began to less favor complete destruction, and leaned more towards the idea of ruling, and employing his own laws and concept of justice.

At one final city, however, known as Kaiju City, things didn't go as planned.

Bujin Gaim and Dark Decade were defeated and killed. Obsidian and his group retreated, without a plan for what to do next. They continued to fight across the lands, encountering numerous foes and meeting new allies. Then, everything changed as a single, extremely powerful figure, known as Trahir, brought Obsidian, Crystalleon, and numerous others into a single organization. An organization known as the Neo Empire.

The Neo Empire was unstoppable. It conquered cities, then countries, then continents. All of Earth's heroes banded together to stop it, but failed. FoxMask, WolfMask, Okami, and countless others failed to quell the wrath of Trahir. Soon, the Neo Empire achieved its goal.

It had claimed the entire planet of Earth.

Trahir had grown prideful, however, believing that he had become invincible.

Though Obsidian and Crystalleon advised otherwise, he arrogantly sent a small amount of forces to battle the heroes, who had holed up within another dimension: Gensokyo. 

This was a fatal mistake.

The heroes, all within the same battleground, plowed through the Neo Empire's army. Furious, Trahir sent reinforcements, but it was too late. They had lost any chance for an ambush, and their armies couldn't arrive fast enough to replenish their former losses. In the end, the Neo Empire had lost a large portion of its army.

As Trahir began to go mad, the heroes began to liberate Earth from the Neo Empire's iron fist. Eventually, during a battle against the heroes in the country of China, Trahir sustained a gash in his chest, and the Neo Empire's army was defeated once again. Trahir was forced to embrace the fact that he was not immortal.

However, this caused him to snap. 

Trahir went on a rampage, causing chaos throughout the empire that he himself ruled over, and terrorizing its people. Obsidian and the others attempted to calm down their ruler, but he refused, threatening to kill them if they disobeyed him. 

Obsidian and his group, along with Crystalleon and the others, realized this was not what they had wanted when they joined the Neo Empire, and decided to confront and try to stop Trahir before it was too late, inside the Neo Empire's flagship. 

Trahir, however, overpowered them. When he was about to finish most of them off, however, Obsidian snagged them with his chains, before busting a hole in the side of the ship and leaping out, managing to escape. Shortly after, they met up with the heroes, revealing their defection. The two groups named their combined alliance "Wings of the Black Sun". Obsidian was introduced to new figures such as Omnia (the ruler of Limbo and leader of the Knights of Zun), SquidMask, and Kamen Rider Stronger.

In the meantime, Gira, who had done analysis on Trahir during their previous fight, revealed that he had detected two souls within Trahir, with one of them being the dominant one that currently ruled over the body, and the other being a more benevolent, repressed one. Gira hypothesized that if they managed to sever the dominant soul's link to the body, they may be able to root out the dominant soul and give control of the body to the benevolent, repressed soul. The more benevolent soul was now referred to as "Trahir", with the oppressive soul being dubbed "The Anomaly".

Fighting their way back to the flagship, Obsidian and Wings of the Black Sun confronted Anomaly Trahir. As he was about to battle them, however, Okami M.U.T.O. sneaked behind him and stabbed him with his ritual dagger, removing Anomaly Trahir's souls from his body and sending them to a separate realm. He proceeded to stab everyone else in the room with this, before stabbing himself, as they prepared to finish the fight. Obsidian participated in this battle, and aided in the battle against the Anomaly and the minions he summoned. After the Anomaly's defeat, Okami took Trahir away to purify him, as Obsidian and the others headed back to Earth, as Wings of the Black Sun split up, its goal finished. Obsidian, Crystalleon, and their followers formed an organization known as "The Equilibrium", to ensure that neither good or evil took complete control of Earth, by weakening and strengthening either side as needed. This organization also formed a close alliance with the Knights of Zun, and Omnia.

However, as the world recovered from the Neo Empire, another rivalry began to brew. 

When the Neo Empire collapsed, all the villains making up the organization split up and became independent, as new villains revealed themselves and began to form. The issue became the matter of what to do about these new villains.

FoxMask, Obsidian's former ally during the war against the Neo Empire, insisted on actively seeking out and killing these new villains. However, Obsidian and his group saw it differently. With the heroes outnumbering the villains by this point, the repeated deaths of these villains would cause evil to significantly weaken, which would upset the balance even further. As such, Obsidian took it upon himself to help some villains escape with their lives, while peacefully convincing others to turn over a new leaf, putting him and FoxMask directly against each other. 

Obsidian received numerous assassination attempts after this, including attempts from Bujin Gaim and Dark Decade (his resurrected former allies seeking vengeance on him for joining a different group, with Bujin Gaim ultimately fleeing and Dark Decade being defeated by WolfMask, but spared), and FoxMask. The two were locked in a standstill, with neither side successfully toppling the other, as tensions between the two of them drastically headed downhill.

However, Obsidian's current issues were interrupted by another one. Omnia, after preventing a villain from being killed, was relentlessly pursued by Heaven and Hell, as he left the RPVerse and took the Knights of Zun with him. Limbo was left without a leader. As Obsidian and FoxMask continued to wage their war against each other, Obsidian received a message from Omnia.

Obsidian, Omnia's closest ally in the RPVerse, was to be crowned as the new leader of Limbo.

And as such, it was. The Knights In Exile formally crowned Obsidian at a ceremony attended by the citizens of Limbo, SquidMask, FoxMask (who was slowly making peace with Obsidian), among others. Obsidian gave a short speech to the citizens of Limbo reminding them of their importance and responsibilities, and to make Limbo a home that they are proud to have.



Weapons and Abilities

  • Claws, spikes, teeth, etc
  • Pyrokinesis and heat generation
  • Terrakinesis
  • Flight (can use fire, earth, or gliders)
  • High Durability
  • Unbreakable chains
  • Magma blood
  • Spells (Said in Greek. Have a large variety of uses, but are mostly based around fire and earth.)
  • Hell's Wrath (Obsidian conducts absurd amounts of heat into his chains, before he fires them off in a colossal blast of fire and heat, with the shockwave from the move, along with Obsidian, causing an earthquake)

Obsidian, God of Limbo, Supreme Ruler of the Petty Wicked
  • Claws, spikes, teeth, etc
    New Obsidian
  • Pyrokinesis and heat generation
  • Terrakinesis
  • Flight and levitation
  • Unbreakable chains
  • Magma and energy blood
  • Spells
  • Reality Warping, Concept Manipulation, and Nigh-Omnipotence (limited to Limbo only)
  • Nigh-Omniscence (limited to Limbo only)
  • Immortality (limited to Universe 515 mostly)




Καλή σου τύχη. „ 

— "Good luck to you". One of Obsidian's favorite partings

Φωτιά. „ 

— Obsidian casting a spell involving fire

For someone who wants to make it as if his targets never existed, he does seem to talk about killing me quite a bit. „ 

— Obsidian talking about FoxMask during the period of the two's rivalry

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