Used by
Mogu, Godzilla 1967, Devil Ghidorah, The Kumasogami, Spheal
Spiga, Darkness Bagramon, Godzilla 1989, New Bosquito, The King of Snakes
160 meters
245 meters
Hails of Darkness/Hell's Demons
Toho Character

Orochi is a prominent character in the Role-Play. He is the ruler of Hell and the leader of the Hails of Darkness.


Orochi first appeared being trapped in a sealed bottle for 12 billion years. Before that, he was a good guy, but was corrupted by an unknown being and was locked in the bottle. He was reawakened by Devil Ghidorah, and he attempted to take over the world. He was defeated, and was put into a coma for a while, and he came out of it much more benevolent. He participated in many battles, usually remaining neutral, until MechaGodzilla 2 made fun of him and caused him to turn evil. He battled Mammoth Bosquito, where he was blown up and recreated in his neo form. He began growing in power and size until he was bigger than the entire solar system, but was stopped by Mammoth Bosquito and Mothghidorah. He went super nova, and his eight heads contracted and reformed into molten lava. He exploded with his heart becoming a sun and the heads reforming into planets. He died and became The Orochi System. His spirit still lived, reduced to a hallucination in someone's eye. He still communicated with outsiders. He gained the ability of Planet Busting, which allowed him to align the planets in the system to blow stuff up. He was only allowed to destroy non-essential and lifeless planets though. He continued doing this for some time, until the Dark Nova Lord used his spirit energy to create a portal to the RPverse. He summoned a black hole right in the center of the Orochi Star, which contained Orochi's life force. The star collapsed in on itself and presumably killed Orochi.


Orochi began being completely evil, but eventually became benevolent. He usually developed a rage in battle, and it would not subside for a while.



  • Darkness Hellfire
  • Hellfire
  • Black-Out
  • Eye lasers

Neo Orochi

  • Neo Dark Hellfire
  • Neo Lasers
  • Dark Lightning storm
  • Ring of Fire

Orochi System

  • Planet Allign
  • Dark Planetary Blast

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