The Legendary Eight Headed Serpent, Yamata no Orochi
Used by
The Hakkesshu
Kusanagi clan (Kyo as one of them), Yagami clan (Iori as one of them), Yata clan (Chizuru as one of them), Rugal Bernstein, those who are against his will/intent
God (Eight headed serpent)
The King of Fighters

Orochi (ヤマタノオロチ) is a King of Fighters character by SNK who acts as the main antagonist in most of the earlier games. He is used by Gojiran103.

Front Information

Orochi was once a large, eight headed serpent who ruled over Japan centuries ago, until it was cast down into a simple form of body energy which would later pass within a young boy named Chris (he later possesses other boys), and would morph into its newly given humanoid form to continue its mission. Created by Gaia, he will protect her from anything they both encounter, and even those she had created. He has no distinct gender, though he is referred to as male. His mission is to completely obliterate humanity from existence as he could no longer stand the harm and destruction they were all causing to the world, and he seems to have enemies of the three clans who sealed him away 1,800 years ago, those being the Kusanagi, Yagami, and Yata clan, who, ancestors of Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru and plans to finish them first when in the face of his mission. Having followers into the current period, he wishes to unleash their Orochi power given to them, but the majority of them always turn their back on Orochi and want to walk in their own paths. He also wishes to mainly unleash his given power on Iori Yagami, who has Orochi blood in his vains which when activated turns him completely insane and possesses many of Orochi's/The Hakkesshu's powers, but later refusing to ever follow Orochi and hopes to have his triggered form under control. Orochi still continues to unleash the power within him whenever he has the chance to do so. Despite loathing humanity, Orochi actually believes humanity has potential and are ready for anything that comes between them and wishes to challenge them along with the descendant's of the clan's that sealed him.




Centuries ago, his initial appearance was a large eight headed serpent until his form was cast down into a simple body holding energy form, and centuries later he possessed a boy named Chris who was apart of the Hakkesshu clan, who are Orochi's followers and allowed him to do so, morphing into his new humanoid form. He changes from four ft. to 6'8, being much taller, has the Yamata no Orochi symbol/"tattoo" on his chest, back, and part of his arms which are navy in color, his hair color alters to white, appearing short which are down to his ears, he develops a bit of muscle mass, his skin color is a peach-beige like Chris, his eye color is black/white dons white jeans with a brown belt, and brown shoes. When he decides to repossess another boy, they appear as a young blonde boy which the body holding energy forms within the boy, Orochi appearing once again in its humanoid form, though with slight differences. His Orochi symbol on his body now alters to a black color, his eye color remains the same, and his skin color shifts/phases back and forth from a peach/beige to a dark brown, while his symbol also shifts into a black to gray color. Lastly, his eye color also shifts back and forth from a black/white to black/gray.

When he leaves the boy and repossesses the final boy who later becomes attached as a shapeshifting form as he practically does not need to hold a human body to morph anymore. He possesses a spiky black haired boy and his entire appearance changes slightly. His hair becomes a white-gray which is lengthened to his neck and is more spikier, his symbol remains the same in terms of color, his skin color changes to a pink-beige, his eye color is now white/red and his body continuously glows with electricity and divine power within his body.


Each time he possessed new boys, he grew stronger in power as it shows with the last boy he practically doesn't need to hold him as a human body anymore and shapeshifts into his Orochi body, instead of morphing into an entirely new body. Orochi was given many powers, and is extremely powerful. He has full control over Orochi wind, earth, lightning, fire, light, darkness, death (not as in the ability to kill someone without laying a finger on them, more like a more deadly and increased version of darkness), water, and divine power/nothingess/matter. He also possesses countless techniques with each of these abilities, such as his leg cutting technique/move. While the nine powers were assigned to the Hakkesshu members (it was later eight, when the one who had manipulation over Orochi water, had died) and is able to pass on any ability to anyone, his Orochi divine power isn't assigned to anyone and naturally can't be passed to anyone, as it is only able to be contained by Orochi himself. Rugal Bernstein tried to hold it, but ended up exploding the power out which badly injured him. It's difficult to describe what this ability actually does, but it seems that one of the abilities of it can allow him to enter in the majority of realms he desires. Orochi also has limited teleportation, an apparent extent of shapeshifting, incredible amount of speed, gap manipulation, regeneration, can use the Snake Arms ability (The Snake Arms ability allows him to stretch and lengthen his arms, and can transform them into serpent heads) and lastly is immortal.




  • While Orochi loathes humanity, centuries ago his mission was to protect the Earth and still wishes to do so but also wants to wash humanity from the Earth, believing that obliterating them would reduce harm to the Earth. Meaning that Orochi isn't of any evil category/placement, and is rather equal.

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