Otachi Render
Used by
Leatherback (partner)
Omega PRGoji (boss)
Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen, Redflag Horowitz, Pearl Blizzard, DemonGoji, DemonJira, BirthGoji, Jay, Female Muto, Category X
Anteverse Kaiju
63 Meters
Not Known
Breach Kaiju
Pacific Rim Kaiju

Otachi (御立ち, Otachi) is a Category IV Breach Kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Otachi is a pretty snarky, hostile, feisty and quick-paced monster. Despite not talking, Otachi has plenty of personality. She likes to poke fun at her foes and is the smarter one of the duo between her and Leatherback, but she relies on Leatherback's brute strength to help her out on mission. Like Leatherback, she has a little of fear towards her boss Omega PRGoji, but also respects him. 


Debut: Twilight Trouble

Main article: Twilight Trouble.

Category X

When Category X made it's first appearance in a Japanese city, Otachi also appeared to wreak havoc, raining down her acid on fleeing civilians and buildings. Category X looked up at the challenger, something deep within himself telling him to fight the Category IV beast. Otachi swung her tail at some buildings, causing them to fall over and crash onto the ground, then menaced forward, spitting some acid and chasing off civilians. Otachi then noticed Category X and faced him. Category X roared, an ethereal glow appearing in his throat.

Otachi flew up and rammed against Category X; Category X growled, before quickly springing around and slamming his tail into Otachi. Otachi was hit, slamming down, but then Otachi got back up and opened up her acid sack and shot out out blue, corrosive acid against him. Category X sensed the attack coming, dodging, before uppercutting her; Otachi was hit, then bashing herself against Category X at brute force. Category X sensed something within Otachi... taking the hit head on... before grabbing her by the throat. Otachi thrashed around violently while Category X squeezes her throat harder, before shoving his other hand down her throat, burning it in acid, before grabbing something; Otachi roared in anger and shock, thrashing around violently. Category X grabbed ahold of the acid sack, yanking it out of Otachi's throat, with that, Category X released Otachi.

Otachi then fell over to the ground, bleeding a lot of acid and wounded. Otachi then flew off, retreating for a while.




  • Flight: Otachi can fly up to extreme speeds.
  • Acid Sack: Otachi has a sac under her neck that be engorged to spit a blue, extremely corrosive acid.
  • Acidic Shot: Otachi can shoot acid projectiles from her mouth at high speeds.
  • Regeneration: Otachi can regenerate lost limbs and body parts.
  • Enhanced Durability: Otachi is very durable, being able to take on a lot of damage.
  • Tail: Otachi can use her club-like tail into battle.


  • Otachi along with her partner Leatherback could originally talk (as well did Omega PRGoji), but this has been heavily phased out since later appearances.