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Transquito, Ramjet
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?? ft.
?? ft.

— Overcast

Overcast is a Decepticon soldier and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jet.


Overcast is a silly, cheerful, childish, happy and oddly enthusiastic for a Decepticon warrior. He's pretty random and likes to transform in and out a lot. He also has a really bad memory.


The Battle of the Belt

Overcast and Incinerator were among the many Cybertronians (Decepticons to be precise) who were locked up in the Destron Prison ship, which he along with Incinerator had been stuck in there for five months (though Overcast swears it was six months).

Overcast soon met up with Hardshell, who was thrown into the same jail cell as he was. Hardshell asked the two jailed 'Cons on who they were, to which Overcast tried to explain to him, but his poor memory (sans a few parts) unabled him to. Incinerator then decided to just do the rest of the talking/explaining to Hardshell instead. During Hardshell and Incinerator's conversation Overcast made a few comments and reminisced a little.

However their conversation was interrupted by the warden of the space prison, Transquito, but luckily for them hope was on the way. Once the Mutant Cybertronians came with their spaceships to attack the Destron prison ship, Overcast along with Hardshell and Incinerator managed to break out of their prison cell during a riot and made their escape.

Overcast joined Hardshell and Incinerator in finding a spaceship on getting out of there. He was overjoyed when Jim Sun Spider helped them out and gave them a big spaceship to travel out in style, Overcast transformed into robot mode and jet mode back and forth due to excitement. Overcast then flew into the ship first. After leaving the Destron prison ship along with Hardshell and Incinerator on their big spaceship, Overcast said that he would not miss prison and was looking forward to heading back to Earth.

The Predacons Emerge Pt. 2

As Hardshell's crew began to approach Earth, Overcast grew more excited, getting a little wild with cheer also. Things got strange though when the smell of Cy-gar smoke was present. Incinerator interrogated Overcast if he did it, but Overcast said he doesn't like to smoke Cy-gars. When it was revealed that ship they were riding on was sentient and was revealed to be Spacewarp ; Overcast burst into more....exicitement.


— Overcast

Incinerator corrected Overcast that said hitchhikers were with them since the get-go. Overcast didn't get it though. Transquito then attacked thier ship, so Hardshell went out to fight him ontop of the ship. Overcast decided to lay low for a bit until the fight between Hardshell and Transquito was over and until they'd get to Earth. As the crew then hurlded down to Earth, Overcast and Incinerator then flew out and landed on the ground, Overcast even kissing the ground.

Overcast then joined in the fight against Transquito and the Predcaons briefly, until Spacewarp arrived and forced Transquito and the Predacons to retreat. With that ordeal over with, Overcast then went around exploring the area.

Transquito's Last Stand

Overcast was present for Hardshell's expedition to meet back up with Gamoni, but fell asleep on the rider there and didn't wake up until they did find her. Once Hardshell and Gamoni met up with each other though, Transquito attacked again, this time though he brought in quite the brute force: the Seekers. 

Overcast (along with Incinerator) tried their best to fight against the Seeker Ramjet, but they were beaten swiftly by the Seeker, but were fortunately rescued by Knock Out. After Transquito's demise and the fight was ended, Overcast participated in bring back Hardshell to them and then went back to his duties.

Equipment & Abilities

  • Unknown, so far.


We were Decepticon soldiers who joined the cause back in.....'07, I think? „ 

— Overcast trying to correctly remember the past.


  • His line on about joining the Decepticons back in 2007 is of course a nod to Transformers (2007).
  • Originally, Bisk would have filled in his role at the Destron Prison ship RP, but Bisk was soon put into a different role and Overcast ended up being the one to meet Hardshell and Incinerator.
  • In fact, originally Incinerator was just going to be with Hardshell, but Overcast was added anyways.


Jellyfish, "Baby's Coming Back"02:59

Jellyfish, "Baby's Coming Back"

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