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PRGoji (PRスゴジ PRGoji) is a Gojiran/Anteverse Kaiju hybrid that is used by Lord Vehk.


He came from the Breach, classified at a Cat VII and proceeded to lay waste to most of Japan, causing numerous casualties and millions died. His body secreted a gas that was extremely poisonous to humans, making any land he visited almost uninhabitable. And then he met AlwaysGoji and joined his cause to bring down the humans that for so long had just co-existed alongside the other Gojirans. He had a purpose. To kill them all. On his second rampage in Japan he encountered the mech Blademaster and the two very nearly killed one another after PRGoji almost completely destroyed Japan. He lay comatose for nearly a day before returning to the surface, again under the control of the Precursors and continued his rampage before returning to the sea once more.

He finished off Japan the next day and AlwaysGoji was killed, this caused him to snap out of the Precursor's control and join forces with Okami MUTO, MechaGodzilla 75, and several tokusatsu heroes who had previously almost beaten him to death while he tried to explain himself. Later, the Precursors took control of him again and used him to destroy America where he managed to kill 76 million Americans before he broke free from their control and had a showdown with Gorosaurus and Neo Biollante and later fought with Godzilla 1969 and an unknown Kaiju in New York, which leveled the state. Later Coyote Tango caught up to and killed PRGoji but not before PRGoji was able to impregnate Gipsy Danger. Gipsy Danger died birthing the child and the child died shortly after it was born. Coyote danger managed to bring the child back to life by sacrificing himself.


He has a strong sense of loyalty towards family and the things he believes in. His hatred of Japan for desecrating his sacred home comes from a deeply embittered hatred that he inherited from both his DNA donors. But one thing he will try never to do is to harm another Gojiran, and he is quick to avenge one who has fallen. After regaining control of his body, he quickly began to try and repent for his actions by allowing himself to be nearly beaten to death until Okami MUTO arrived and he began wanting revenge against the Precursors.


  • Atomic/Acid Breath- A powerful green beam-like weapon that simultaneously burns and melts a surface. Can melt/burn through most anything.
  • Regeneration- Almost instantaneous regeneration for small wounds such as stabs and cuts. Slower regeneration for more serious wounds such as losing limbs.
  • Acidic Blood- PRGoji, due to his Anteverse heritage has thick blue blood, which is deadly to humans and harmful to kaiju and other characters
  • Extra Limbs- Unlike most Gojirans, due to his Anteverse heritage, he has four arms instead of the usual two.
  • Extreme Durability- Due to his Gojiran heritage, PRGoji is extremely durable. The extent of this is unknown.
  • Energy Absorption- PRGoji is able to absorb and often times, redirect energy back it's owner. There are exceptions to this, such as Nova Energy, Darkness, Light, and a few others will not be absorbed.


  • PRGoji's current human casualty count is 272,510,880
  • PRGoji's theme is currently Monster You Made by Pop Evil.
  • He is now retroactively also known as "Alpha PRGoji", as he was the first PRGoji to appear.

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