The Force of Nature, PS3 GODZILLA
Used by
PS3 Gojira 1989 (Rarely, and are rivals)
PS3 Godzilla 1989 (Are rivals), LegendaryMechGoji, PS3 Kiryu and those who attack his territory
700 Meters
1,000 Meters
Has joined no faction
Toho/Video Game hybrid

PS3 GODZILLA is a RP character used by Gojiran.


PS3 GODZILLA was another video game Kaiju that mysteriously entered in the real world. After first destroying NY, he went to the sea, and currently rest there and hunts for food, and rarely, he appears on Monster Island and other Island, sometimes with Kaiju's inhabited in it.

Two Gojirans collide

After rising from the ocean and destroying Yokohama, PS3 Godzilla 1989 also had risen and began destroying Yokohama until the two found each other and battled it out. LegendaryMechGoji ambushed the two during the battle and severely injured PS3 GODZILLA, PS3 Kiryu then also ambushed and injured PS3 Gojira before departing. After the battle carried out to PS3 Godzilla 1989 and LegendaryMechGoji, PS3 GODZILLA went ashore to the sea to rest and regenerate.

A unsurprising battle

After PS3 Gojira gained his Burning Form, PS3 GODZILLA showed up and battled PS3 Gojira, however, he ultimately lost the battle, dropping back, but got back up and used the last ounce of his energy, a Nuclear Pulse unleashed out of him, severely injuring PS3 Gojira and increasing his meltdown rate, PS3 GODZILLA fell to the ground, very exhausted after the battle they had. was shown, that his eyes, suddenly opened, and he roared...


He's what they call the force of nature, appearing only to destroy what they call "imbalance". He's seen often in the sea sleeping until he senses a imbalance around. He's a canivore gojiran but he'll absorb nuclear but not all the time, he's mainly seen feeding off squids and deutalios/deutalious.


  • His atomic ray, which at its highest limits could cause great damage
  • He's a beast in close-ranged moves
  • He can use nuclear pulse if needed
  • Gojiran Regeneration


Godzilla Soundtrack 2014 Movie Theme - Cloudless Snow Studios02:51

Godzilla Soundtrack 2014 Movie Theme - Cloudless Snow Studios

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