Used by
Jay's Wing
Grand King Ghidorah, Redorah
Coyote Tango, Amethyst Sandstorm, Jay, LionMask
120 meters (?)
160 meters (?)
Pollution Monster

PS3 Hedorah is a Role-Play Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Hedorah's main goal is to become stronger, so it usually is in the ocean, looking for oil rigs. It will also sometimes attack cities for fun. When attacking, it usually flies over the city, poisoning the air.


This Hedorah has unknown origins, its first known appearance being when it attacked Hong Kong with PS3Goji and GKG and poisoned the air there. It then absorbed a factory before leaving before Coyote could attack it.

Later, he reappeared and attacked an oil rig in the Indian Ocean. After destroying and abosrbing it, he was met by Amethyst Sandstorm. After a short fight, Hedorah drove Sandstorm off and left.

The City of Smog

PS3 Hedorah next attacked the city of Osaka, Japan along with fellow pollution monster Redorah. However, early into their assault they were interrupted by the arrival of Earth Defenders LionMask and Jay. While PS3 Hedorah decided to battle LionMask, Redorah tried to fend off Jay.

PS3 Hedorah fired eye lasers at LionMask, who gracefully leaped out of the way and retaliated by shooting Hedorah in the eye with his pistol. Writhing in pain, PS3 Hedorah tackled LionMask, dealing damage. LionMask tried to cut through Hedorah with his greatsword, only for the two halves to reform soon afterwards.

Suddenly, another red laser beam slammed into LionMask. Redorah charged at LionMask, who dodged, while PS3 Hedorah flung sludge at the shadowblood. Blasting back Redorah with a beam of shadow energy, LionMask fought him as Jay turned to PS3 Hedorah.

Freezing PS3 Hedorah in ice, the pollution monster broke out and hit Jay with his eye lasers. Jay sent an ice pillar that uppercutted PS3 Hedorah, before the anthro cat hero slashed him mid-air with his sword. Smashing PS3 Hedorah into the ground with his foot, Jay blasted PS3 Hedorah with fireballs, with the evil pollution kaiju gurgling in pain and turning into his flying form.

At this point, Jay realized that Redorah and PS3 Hedorah were virtually the same, and began to dry out PS3 Hedorah with fire attacks. Eventually, PS3 Hedorah was almost completely solid, at which point Jay obliterated him with a huge fireball, killing him.


  • Acidic body melts most things and damages most characters.
  • Can release an indefinite amount of sludge without changing size
  • Whip-like arm
  • Can fire a red laser from its eyes
  • Can become a flying form or water form
  • Flight at Mach 2
  • Spreads a red sulfuric mist as it flies
  • Most beams are ineffective
  • Acidic body protects from most solid forms and damages them
  • Can spew a sulfuric acid mist
  • Reproduces asexually
  • Can combine with and separate from other species
  • Does not need oxygen to survive


  • Dehydration

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