PS3 Kiryu
Godzilla the video game kiryu aka mechagodzilla 3 by sonichedgehog2-d7u1atf
Used by
LegendaryMechGoji, M.O.N.A.R.C.H, G-Force
PS3 Gojira, PS3 GODZILLA, and any other high threat level Kaiju's
400 meters
700 meters
Toho/Video Game Character

Playstation 3 Kiryu (Or PS3 Kiryu) is a Mecha-Unit RP character used by Gojiran. 


PS3 Kiryu was another video game character that was mysteriously brought into real life, however, he was used for G-Force to help defend against giant monster Kaiju's. He later appeared after LegendaryMechGoji ambushed PS3 Gojira and PS3 GODZILLA, however, as only a prototype, he quickly retreated to the GDF base.

The Last Straw

After the G-Force lost 3 battles against the Gojiran Kaiju, the G-Force had to send in PS3 Kiryu to finish him once and for all, however, since PS3 Gojira was in his Burning Form, it wouldn't be such a easy battle, as the two had an extended battle, it finally ended with PS3 Burning Godzilla biting his neck and throwing him to the ground.

A Sacrifice

After PS3 Gojira battling PS3 Godzilla 2014, PS3 Gojira was too weak to attack as his meltdown rate was getting higher and higher, however, G-Force Military quickly caught the Kaiju, and freezed PS3 Gojira, PS3 Kiryu was then sended out to carry PS3 Gojira to the ocean, and sacrifice his life for the both of them, as they soon dropped the ocean, supposedly ending PS3 Gojira, and supposedly ending PS3 Kiryu.

Powers and Abilities

Unarmed Mode
  • Has enhanced Kaiju strength, is excellent in close combat
  • Is decent in ranged combat
  • Can fire his electrical surge breath
  • Hands can manipulate into weapon tools, such as a saw, buzzsaw, blade, hidden blade, drill, and others
  • Has decent speed
  • Has jet boosters, which could accelerate his speed

MFS-3 Mode
  • Remains all of the same abilities, but now has new ones below
  • The MFS-3 cannons attached to his back are able to fire the following
  • Missiles
  • Laser cannons
  • A stronger jet boost
  • Upgraded, rocket missiles
  • Now has feet boosters
  • Can also switch to MFS-3 arm fire cannons if needed

Garuda Attached (Super Mecha Godzilla 3)
  • Has the same abilities, as well as the extra boost cannons
  • With Garuda attached, he can fire beam lasers, to its highest limits as well
  • The Garuda cannons can also fire missiles, and rocket missiles, which could track Kaiju even if out of distance
  • Garuda Cannons can also fire side lasers
  • Has stronger jet boost and energy with Garuda attached
  • Now has mouth cannons, which can be upgraded to beam lasers, which could severely injure Kaiju