Used by
Kashima C
Garbage Monster, Denomon, Narutons
4 ft.
Kawaii! JeNny Character
Hmmm...I wonder if I should contact them directly. „ 

— Pea-san

My thoughts are now confirmed; these guys are not very bright. „ 

— Pea-san on Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon

Pea-san (エンドウさん, Endo-san) is an alien traveler and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Pea-san is a very bright and sophisticated alien being who likes to travel a lot and is very tech savvy also. He doesn't like to fight, unless for self-defense or if he's being called so for the most part, he'll stand by and continue on with what he's doing.



Pea-san hailed from some other planet and headed down to Earth. He quickly became an ally of the Sweet Angels and joined them in their adventures and mishaps. When Garbage Monster arrived to attack a Japanese city, Pea-san warned them to stop the trash monster before it was too late. After Garbage Monster's defeat, Pea-san went on with his life. He eventually went his separate ways and went onto explore the rest of the galaxy, but promised he'd return to Earth some day.

Debut: Showdown! The Armored Monster vs. The Trash Warrior

Pea-san made his debut in RP where he landed on the planet called Heck and began to explore it's environment. Little did he know, same Narutons began to follow him....

Pea-san eventually met up with Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon. He was very curious on how they were drinking together. Before he could ponder some more, three Narutons burst out from the ground and began attacking them all. After Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon quickly made work of the three Narutons, Pea-san began to speak to them. Pea-san asked whether if the two were good or evil, to which he got a response from them saying that they were neutrals.

Pea-san then asked them on what they were doing exactly; to which Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan responded that they were both looking for their ally; Garbage Monster. Pea-san recalled that name and got flashbacks to many years ago; as he had a history with Garbage Monster. Blues Megalon asked Pea-san what was wrong, but Pea-san said that nothing was wrong with him. Something then could be rustling nearby. Jazz Gigan went up to check out what it was. There, a horde of Narutons came swarming all over the three.

As Denomon rose out form the ground, Denomon swung his spikey club at Pea-san, sending Pea-san flying away from the battlefield and landing someplace else. Sometime later after Denomon's defeat; Pea-san got back up and watched as Garbage Monster, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon took off. He then got back up and floated elsewhere.


  • Flight: Pea-san walks/moves through hovering or floating in the air to move faster as he moves moderately slow on foot. Pea-san is also capable of flying up to high speeds via through propulsion.
    Pea-san ship

    Pea-san's ship.

  • Teleportation: Pea-san is also capable of teleporting through shattering in and out. However, since Pea-san prefers flying, this is power is used sparingly.
  • Antennae Beam: Pea-san can fire an energy beam from his single antennae.
  • High Intellect: Pea-san is very intelligent and is capable of building spacecraft or engineering excellently as well as reparing broken down objects and such.
  • Telekinesis: Pea-san is capable of telekinetics and can lift objects with relative ease with his mind.


  • Pea-san is not a very good physical fighter or that strong, as such he mainly relies on his antennae beam or long range attacks when it comes to combat.


  • Pea-san bares a slight resemblance to a rainbow-colored stacking ring toy. This was even referenced in his debut RP where Jazz Gigan ponders if he's a "rainbow stacking ring thing".
  • Originally Pea-san was set to debut earlier sometime earlier in November of 2016, but he was pushed aside to later in December.
  • He currently has no theme.

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