Used by
Hardhead, Smokescreen, Taokaka, Revolt, Autobots
Bombshock, Tank Vehicon, Fearstorm, Jury-Rig, Scowl, Saberhorn, Vehicons, Enforcer, Decepticons
20 ft.
20 ft.
Silence....then strike. „ 

— Prowl

Guess we'll have to do this the hard way then. „ 

— Prowl

Prowl (プロール Purōru) is an Autobot Police officer and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a police cruiser car.


Prowl is pretty stoic, calm and serious Police officer for the most part, and is always determined to do his job. He is also an experienced fighter who contributed his knowledge of combat in urban areas. He prefers to work alone, as he is doesn't hold much interest in teamwork.


Debut: San Francisco All Out Attack

Prowl first appeared arriving onto Earth in San Fransisco, where he was initially assigned to arrest the Insecticon, Hardshell. However, the notorious criminal Bombshock appeared to attack the city, and the two Cybertronians (Prowl and Hardshell) formed an uneasy alliance to takedown Bombshock and his forces. Following the battle, Prowl left with Hardshell to travel to Mt. Saint Helens.

The Battle of Mt. Saint Helens

At Mt. Saint Helens, Prowl fought off countless amounts of Insecticon Bombers and Bombshock himself. At the end of the battle, Prowl left, as his work there had been done.

Later Events

After the ordeal on Mt. Saint Helens, he showed up to put an end to bar fight, chased Hyperion Gojira, and escaped the destruction of the city along with his allies Taokaka.

Later he showed up to help Quet to deliver a package to FoxMask, but had trouble getting through the magic barrier. After Quet discovered a way to get through the magic barrier on her own, he met up with a new Cybertonian named Revolt. There he was also briefly intercepted by Enforcer, but he and Revolt managed to drive him off. After getting to know Revolt and the dealing with Enforcer, Prowl left to resume his job.

The Vehicons Ambush- Meeting the Autobot Soldier Hardhead

After being gone for a long time, Prowl returned to investigate a gigantic spaceship that crashed in the area. He went there to investigate, but before he could do so, he found out there were some Decepticons present in the area. Before he could intervene with the three , he was ambushed by some Vehicon bounty hunters. Prowl fought them off and managed to destroy all of the Vehicon drones, but he was not prepared for the arriving Tank Vehicon, who proceeded to chase Prowl and cause some major havoc. Fortunately, Prowl was saved by a military Autobot known as Hardhead, who proceeded to beat the living daylights out of the Tank Vehicon and eventually destroyed him.

Prowl congratulated Hardhead for helping him and then took off along with Hardhead, as they had some work to do.

Rescue Mission: Find Smokescreen

Prowl and Hardhead both went searching for a meteor that crashed in a desert area that they were in, as they believed it contained an Autobot they were looking for. Before they got there though, both of them were intercepted by a gigantic Transformer who approached them. Unbeknownst to them, the gigantic Transformer was being handled by Capricorn, who then took full control of the giant Transformer and walked away elsewhere. Prowl and Hardhead then continued their journey, only to be then intercepted again by a ominous truck Transformer who proceeded to shoot and blast at them with hot plasma rods. Prowl tried to counteract and defeat the intruder, but he was not so lucky. Luckily Capricorn came in again to fight off the truck Transformer. Prowl and Hardhead then resumed their mission.

Once Prowl and Hardhead arrived at the investigation sight, Prowl began to investigate. However, they soon found themselves corned by a group of second wave Vehicon bounty hunters. Prowl fought off against a few Vehicons, but then met up with what he was looking for, the Autobot soldier Smokescreen. Before the three Auotbots could get to celebrate after defeating all of the Vehicons though, a giant Vehicon warrior known as Fearstorm rolled by and attacked. Eventually though, Prowl, Hardhead, Smokescreen and Switchback managed to overpower Fearstorm and defeat him. Prowl, Hardhead and Smokescreen then fought off one more Decepticon opponent named Jury-Rig, but the fight was very short, as Jury-Rig through a EMP Grenade down and stormed off. Afterwards, Prowl along with Hardhead and Smokescreen transformed and rolled away.

Tabriz Tango

Prowl along with Smokescreen and Hardhead showed up at Tabriz to fight against Team Destron's forces. Prowl and Smokescreen briefly took on Snarler and then later just fought off the rest of the horde of Vehicons. Eventually, him, Smokescreen and Hardhead together finished off the rest of the attacking Destron forces there and then walked away onto their next mission.

Vienna Brawl

Prowl along with Hardhead and Smokescreen showed up in Vienna, Austria to assist Sideswipe in taking down Scowl. Prowl fought off Scowl but was then interrupted by the Insecticon warrior Saberhorn. Prowl engaged in battle with Saberhorn and later managed to defeat him. Prowl then went over to attempt to defeat Scowl, but was blown away by Scowl. Fortunately, Scowl was soon defeated by Sideswipe, causing Scowl to retreat. Afterwards, Prowl went over to rescue Smokescreen and Hardhead and got them out of there and the three Autobots left.


  • Shoulder Missiles: Prowl can launch out missiles from his shoulders.
  • Investigator Special: An electroconductive gel that's adept at redirecting internal signals and can paralyze his targets long enough for him to bring them in.
  • Justice Hammer: Prowl's main melee weapon. It acts something like a nightstick, only it's a hammer.
  • Lightbar: An energy baton that he can use for combat.
  • Firelance Launcher: Prowl is armed with a firelance launcher that can shoot fiery blasts.
  • Firelance Missile Launcher: A warhead made from a combo of Launcher and Firelance Missile, this weapon is strong enough to shoot down Predacons (the robot-dragons) to fall down from the sky. It can also act as a flamethrower in Prowl's police cruiser mode.
  • Three-Bladed Mecha Stars

Likes and Dislikes


  • Doing his job
  • Being alone
  • Peace and quiet
  • Coffee
  • A natural environment


  • Loudness
  • Being forced to do teamwork


Don't you know what you get for shooting a cop? „ 

— Prowl to the Vehicon bounty hunters.


  • Prowl is Gallibon the Destroyer first Autobot character in RP. 
  • Prowl is Gallibon the Destroyer's favorite Autobot.

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