Used by
Jay's Wing
The Crystal Cavalier
BirthGoji, ROE Orga, PS4 King Ghidorah, O. Keizer Ghidorah
Red Dragon
Thousands of years
80 meters
460 meters
The Crystal Empire
He calls himself Pyre. Not sure where he's from, but what I do know is that he despises Ghidorahs. „ 

The Crystal Cavalier talking about Pyre

Pyre is a giant red dragon and RP-character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Pyre has the common personality traits of any and every old evil dragon chliché in the book. Greedy, power-hungry, cruel, and ignorant, Pyre has it all. His only real quirk is that he hates the Ghidorahs with a burning passion, and that their destruction is prioritized over all else.


Debut and Battle with Birth

Pyre's first (and so far only) appearance was when he and The Crystal Cavalier invaded BirthGoji's island. Goji was not alone, though: PS4 King Ghidorah, ROE Orga, and O. Keizer Ghidorah were there to fight too. As the others fought eachother, Pyre first focused on BirthGoji until ROE Orga aggressively turned on him, forcing him to fight back and turn his attacks away from Birth.

This worked, but CC was eventually able to defeat Birth, and as Pyre ripped out Orga's throat, he turned to Keizer next. Felling the already injured Keizer in one fell swoop, Pyre was then attacked by a damaged PS4 Ghidorah in the skies. Eventually Pyre emerged victorious, and after a miserably failed attempt at hurting Super BirthGoji, kidnapped PS4Ghido.


  • Very, very high physical strength and stamina
  • Can fly at Mach 2
  • Can breathe white-hot flames from maw

And that's it! Simple, but effective.


  • Pyre is the first of three dragon brothers that Jay's Wing uses: Pyre, Neo Abraxas, and one that Jay has yet to appear.

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