Queen Humania is the current ruler of The Huimanians, and was conceptualized and is used by Goldn.

Queen Humania
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Used by
Katsuro, Kamat, Coyote Tango
Dante, RyuuKoOh KoRyuuOh
1.8 Meters (5ft 9in) (Huiman Form)
Earth Defender/Alien
Original Character


Born out on the asteroid her race calls home. Being the first only child to inherit the throne, Humania was forced to learn how to rule a kingdom at a very small age. When she was five years old, her parents, the king and queen, were killed while trying to fight a kaiju. This event forced Humania into adulthood too quickly, and she was forced to take on the role of queen, despite being WAY too young for it.

Fast-forward twenty years later and Humania has managed to maintain balance in her kingdom by fighting the attacking kaiju while also taking care of her royal duties. However, due to a combination of being overworked by the rapidly growing population and the suddenly increased rate of kaiju attacks, Humania feared that, one day, the kaiju will end up taking over the kingdom. To prevent this, she ordered the creation of a ship so that the majority of the population would survive the attack by escaping. Soon enough, a kaiju breaks through the protective barriers, and Humania evacuates everyone before they could fully realize what's going on. With their sights set on Earth, Humania and her remaining species head towards it, Humania secretly hoping there's nothing that could harm her people there.

Weeks later, they arrive on Earth. Humania notices Coyote Tango, and mistakes him for a threat. To protect her people, she goes out to face him, only to find out he's neutral, but learns from him that there are much more kaiju on Earth than on her original home. Panicking, she tries to start the ship to leave, but the ship has already run out of fuel. Now stranded on Earth, Humania begins to worry about the well-being of her people, when all of a sudden, Dante attacks. Using her shapeshifting ability, Humania and Coyote Tango have a fierce battle with Dante before he abruptly leaves. Thanking Coyote, Humania grabs the ship and brings it to a secluded location, which ends up becoming the new base of operations for her species.

Notable Events

- Lands on earth and fights Dante with the help of Coyote Tango. Dante escapes the battle.

- In her Gojiran form, Humania puts the ship she used to get to Earth in a secluded location. This location becomes the new kingdom for her people, and they start setting up a civilization there.

- Realizing that her people need resources, Humania locates a nearby town and uses it to get supplies. She comes to the horrible realization that humans actually require currency in order to buy items (everyone trusted each other on her planet, so there was no need for money), and confuses candy machines for "currency machines that give you money if you hit them hard enough."


Queen Humania, being forced into adulthood very early on in her life, was forced to mature. Every move she makes is based on the wellbeing of her race, and does everything she can to prevent them from seeing or feeling the kaiju attacks. She occasionally has fits of childishness due to her not being able to experience a good childhood. When she's around other members of her race, she's polite and calm, but she drops her polite/elegant demeanor when fighting enemies.

As a contributing factor to her shapeshifting ability, she will briefly inherit the mannerisms/personality traits of the kaiju she shapeshifts into, but her original personality will remain intact.


Being a member of the royal family, she has the ability to shapeshift into whatever kaiju her cells inheritated. But unlike other past royal huimans, Humania can take a bit of the cells of other organisms to shapeshift into them. Her other powers consist entirely of using the abilities of the kaiju she shapeshifts into, with minor differences to suit her style of combat.  The species she shapeshifts into resemble her in body-type and shape to distinguish her from the original kaiju.  As a drawback to her shapeshifting ability, if she's not focused enough, she will start to copy the mannerisms/personality traits of the kaiju she turns into (an example would include her Female MUTO form, where she becomes overly protective over seemly nothing), but the traits go away when she returns to her base form.  


Queen Humania (Base Form)
  • Weak attack strength. About as strong as an average human.
  • Very agile. Can dodge most attacks.
  • Not very durable. About as tough as an average human female.
  • Can shapeshift into other forms.

Queen Humania (Gojiran Form)

  • Very agile. Able to leap great distances.
  • Has excellent attack strength. Able to send foes flying.
  • Very low durability. Has to resort to other forms if she wishes to tank hits.
  • Obtains standard Gojiran abilities. Atomic beams, atomic breath, atomic pulses, etc.
  • Obtains a brash, vicious, and arrogant persona. But still keeps the basics of her personality.

Queen Humania (Ghidorah Form)
  • Somewhat slow.
  • Very durable. Can tank a lot of attacks.
  • Great attack strength.
  • Obtains standard Ghidorah abilities. Gravity beams, flight, etc.
  • Obtains a semi-cocky, bold, and loud persona. But still keeps the basics of her personality.

Queen Humania (FeM.U.T.O Form)

  • Very durable. Can tank a lot of hits.
  • Quick and sharp attacks.
  • Somewhat fast. Can easily be outrunned, though.
  • Obtains the ability to call for assistance from other M.U.T.O.
  • Becomes overly protective over seemingly nothing. She still retains the basics of her personality.

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