Used by
Jay's Wing
Saberhorn, Crazybolt, Thermidor
Bumblebee (Prime), Azure Assassin, Echo Saber, Strongarm
80 meters
100 meters
Transformers character

Quillfire is a quilled decepticon and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Considering himself the leader of his self-styled "revolution", Quillfire lashes out at anyone and anything he considers "authority", no matter how minor their control may be. Not terribly bright, he's loud, brash, and theatrical, inscribing his personal insignia on institutions that he's "liberated". He's full of bravado up until it looks like things are getting hairy, at which point he's ready to turn and run.



Quillfire and another decepticon, Crazybolt, were dispatched to the city of London to destroy and conquer it. Not long after they arrived, though, two autobots arrived to stop them. While Crazybolt engaged Strongarm, Quillfire fought the leader, Bumblebee (Prime). Quillfire, not being very smart, just tried to punch him, missing every time. Bumblebee dodged all of Quillfire's attacks and retaliated with his own powerful strikes. After dodging more and more quill attacks, Quillfire got frustrated and charged, letting Bumblebee take him down with a volley of powerful close-range energy balls.

Eventually, Quillfire got back up, and was delighted to see a new ally, Saberhorn, fighting Bumblebee as Thermidor fought Strongarm with Crazybolt. Sneaking up, Quillfire turned and launched his quills through Bumblebee's armor. He and Saberhorn pummeled Bumblebee, nearly killing him, until...

Out of nowhere, a chainsword pierced Quillfire's armor, making him reel and shriek in pain. It was a new combatant, a Jaeger: Azure Assassin. Meanwhile, Echo Saber had appeared to help Strongarm with her opponents. The tide had turned against the decepticons. As Saberhorn and Quillfire fought against Azure, Bumblebee pounded them with volleys of energy balls from afar. Eventually, Azure Assassin's chainsword sparked with electricity and slammed into Quillfire's jaw, incapacitating him instantly.


  • Strong physically
  • Can burrow underground
  • Spits fire
  • Can launch sharp quills from back that have a nerve-affecting toxin


  • Not very smart
  • Slow

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