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Five-headed Gamoni clone
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Quinto-Gamoni is a five-headed Gamoni clone and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Quinto-Gamoni has very little personality as it was merely just a wild and strange beast roaming around hunting for prey; a far cry from the original.


The Godzillan Messengers

All of the 12 Godzillan Messengers landed on some isolated planet where they could have sworn they had gotten some distress calls from some trapped Godzillans on there. As the crew got closer to the location, they found out it was actually a trap created by the Quinto-Gamoni and that their were no trapped Godzillans. Quinto-Gamoni fought off ten of the twelve Godzillan messengers, but it met it's match when it fought off against HouseGoji and RaisinGoji. Quinto-Gamoni was later slain when RaisinGoji sliced it in half and then burned the remains away with his Atomic Breath. The Godzillan Messengers then left the planet and took off.

However, little did they know that the Quinto-Gamoni was actually the least of their worries; as a mysterious entity flew over them, watching them leave, then following them...


Quinto-Gamoni had all of the same abilities as Gamoni did; though it did have a few new powers:

  • Darkness Beam: The bottom left head could fire out this beam made up of dark energy.
  • Light Beam: The bottom left right head could fire out this beam made up of light energy.
  • Fire Blast: The middle head could breath fire.
  • Water Blast: The top left head could fire out a blast of water.
  • Lightning Beam: The top right head could fire out a blast of lighting.
  • Quinto-Gamoni could also shoot out knives from it's navel.
  • Quinto-Gamoni could also mimic the cries of a Godzillan to lure people into a trap.


  • It's heads were vulnerable to getting hit by swords and lances during it's battle.


  • It's history was never explained where it came from or why it's there.
  • It's unknown if it could actually speak or not.
  • "Quinto" is Spanish for "fifth". As Quinto-Gamoni has five heads, this is why it's called Quinto-Gamoni.

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