Reggae Ebirah
Reggae Ebirah
Used by
Maguma, Country Anguirus
Alien Ido
Giant Lobster
Not known
50 meters
?? meters
Earth Defenders
Manga Kaiju

Reggae Ebirah is a giant lobster kaiju and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Reggae Ebirah is a mostly silent and sullen monster. He's mainly pessimistic and isn't interested in much monster fights. Despite this, he gets along well with Maguma and will be there to help his friend out if he needs him.


Debut: Alien Ido

Reggae Ebirah first appeared along with his pal Maguma to combat against Alien Ido and DESOTORYAH!!! Reggae Ebirah started off mainly fighting DESOTORYAH!!! but he was a little too much for him, so Reggae Ebirah turned around and fought Alien Ido instead. Reggae Ebirh tackled Alien Ido by leaping at his back and snipping his claws at him, but Alien Ido then grabbed him by the claws and threw him down to the ground.

Reggae Ebirah was defeated when Alien Ido, before returning to normal size, punched at Reggae Ebirah and Maguma super hard and sending them at Country Anguirus, defeating them.


  • Water Beam: Reggae Ebirah can shoot out a powerful stream of water from his mouth.
  • Claws
  • Enhanced Swimming


  • His name is of course a reference to the music genre of the same name.
  • Reggae Ebirah comes from the Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster manga.
  • Originally, he was set to be the main villain of the second part of Forgotten Monsters, but Gallibon the Destroyer though he didn't fit and his role was replaced with recurring villain Hitodah.
  • Him being a friend of Maguma is a reference to how the two kaiju were originally going to be in Destroy All Monsters as guard monsters.
  • He had no theme yet.

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