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Used by
DesireeGoji (ally/friend)
AlenaGoji (ally/friend)
JanineGoji (ally/friend)
Kunin (ally/friend)
Rozan (ally/friend)
Little Godzilla (nephew)
IguanaGoji, CenturyGhido, BirthGoji, Neo Manda, Neo Varan, FinalShisa, Zone Fighter 2007, Meesmoth, Shameless Fox
CenturyGoji (archenemy)
Female SpaceGodzilla (archenemy)
Saibogura (disliked)
GKC FinalGoji, KM! EX Tyrant 2, CenturyGhido, Neo SpaceGodzilla, Rosa Biollante, Kujak, Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Clover, Spyler, Wargilgar, Jikiro, CenturyGigan, Augmented Garasharp, Weird Marukobukarappa, Gamera 2007, Century Desghidorah, CenturyDesutoroia, Monster X 2007, PS4 Destoroyah, PS4 Godzilla 2014, Mutavore, Karloff, CenturyBarubaroi
46 (including her past life)
22 (excluding her past life)
100 meters
180 meters
You had enough of using me as your attacks! „ 

— ReginaGoji, while she's talking to Female SpaceGodzilla

It is up to me to save DesireeGoji... „ 

— ReginaGoji

ReginaGoji (sometimes called as Regina or Reign by her allies and archenemies) is a female Godzillasaurus kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


The name "ReginaGoji" comes from Regina, her past life before she was killed and Goji, which comes from Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ).


She basically looks like a normal Gojiran, but with heart-shaped dorsal plates and longer eyelashes.


Similar to Regina Soriano-Saegusa, she is sometimes shy talking with other kaijus. She also likes the color red, for an unknown reason.

Sometimes, she also ignores the humans attacking her when heading somewhere.

During combat, she sometimes remember some memories of her past life.

She can only sleep 8 hours a day, as she always dreaming about her past that forces her to wake up.


She was a human named Regina Soriano-Saegusa that was killed in the year 1995, and reincarnated in the remains of MeesmothGoji twenty-one years later.




Main article: Regina Soriano-Saegusa



Main article: Regina Island

ReginaGoji emerges in a small island, later to be called as Regina Island. where a small earthquake occurs and hitting her head with a rock, which triggers a flashback how she was killed in her past life.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura

Saibogura appears in Regina Island and challenges her, but after an short battle: she made the giant alligator retreat, but she also left the island and heading towards Philippines.

Appearance in Taal Lake: ReginaGoji vs. GKC FinalGoji

In the Philippines, the Taal Lake triggers multiple memories of her past. However, GKC FinalGoji appears and tries to kill her using his Spiral Ray but GKC FinalGoji was killed by his own Spiral Ray: because of his neck bleeding, and finally she returns back to Regina Island.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura II

Saibogura emerges again at Regina Island, and attacks her while she's sleeping. After their short battle for the second time, Saibogura was buried alive in a mountain and she goes back to her sleep.

Meeting DesireeGoji

Main articles: Desiree Javier and DesireeGoji

DesireeGoji appears in Regina Island, and asks her to live there with the Gojiran. She accepted DesireeGoji's offer, and DesireeGoji begins living there.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura III

Saibogura reappears in the island and attacks her again for the third time, but after their third short battle she allows the giant alligator to apologize and retreat. But Saibogura doesn't want to apologize to her, so she fired her Spiral Breath and Spiral Ray into him and causing Saibogura's painful death.

Visiting Taal Lake

She left the island just after she killed Saibogura, heading towards Taal Lake. DesireeGoji follows her and a small earthquake occurs, hitting her head with a rock and triggers another memory of her past.

Fighting KM! EX Tyrant 2

The two Gojirans emerge in Brasil, where they're trying to stop KM! EX Tyrant 2 from attacking the city. DesireeGoji was almost killed by slashing his hook into her neck, which forces the two Gojirans to retreat into Regina Island.

Female SpaceGodzilla Attacks

ReginaGoji, DesireeGoji, and JanineGoji fought Female SpaceGodzilla at the city of San Francisco, and then she bleeds after she was hit by DesireeGoji's Spiral Ray. After that, Female SpaceGodzilla tries to kill her by stomping her foot into her head. JanineGoji and DesireeGoji fires their Spiral Ray at Female SpaceGodzilla, forcing her to retreat.

Return of CenturyGoji

She fought CenturyGoji, her archenemy. she was almost killed when CenturyGoji strangles her neck, forcing her to retreat.

However, CenturyGoji said he will return until she was killed.

Meeting Kunin and Rozan

She met Kunin and Rozan (including IguanaGoji) at the city of San Francisco, where she saw Little Godzilla being adopted by the Godzillans.

The two Gojirans and the Godzillan couple protected Little Godzilla from the humans, destroying both Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

She returns back to Regina Island to search DesireeGoji's whereabouts, however. CenturyGoji is waiting for her at the island to continue their challenge, while CenturyGhido emerges in Paris and also heading towards Regina Island.

Fighting CenturyGoji

She appears on the island, and CenturyGoji attacks her. Kamen Rider Stronger appears and also attacks CenturyGoji for attacking Osaka, while CenturyGhido appears from Paris for killing the Ghidorah over an year ago.

She made CenturyGoji bleed (and losing CenturyGoji's left arm) with her Spiral Ray, including CenturyGhido's Gravity Beams and Kamen Rider Stronger's powerful Fire Kick.

Visiting Little Godzilla

She visited Kunin and Rozan in their island, and than left towards Las Vegas.

Chaos in Las Vegas

Female SpaceGodzilla causes destruction in Las Vegas, Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A. appears and tries to stop her. but retreats, she appeared in Las Vegas after visiting Kunin and Rozan.

She tries to stop the SpaceGojiran, but ended up as her attacks against Go G SpaceGodzilla. Mazinger Z and Go G SpaceGodzilla appears and tries to stop the SpaceGojiran, but ended up fighting each other.

Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A. returns and Kamen Rider Eternal appears as Female SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals being destroyed, she fires her Spiral Ray. killing Female SpaceGodzilla, she returns back to Regina Island but Mazinger Z and Go G SpaceGodzilla still fighting each other.

CenturyGhido Attacks

CenturyGhido appears and tries to kidnap Little Godzilla, Kunin and Rozan tries to defend their adopted son from the Ghidorah. she appears from Regina Island to help the Godzillans, and they made CenturyGhido retreat.

Kunin and Rozan (with Little Godzilla) returns to the sea, while she returns to Regina Island.

Battle of Regina Island

Main article: Battle of Regina Island

Desiree Island

After she made CenturyGoji retreat in the final part of Revenge for DesireeGoji, she discovered that DesireeGoji is living in a small island named after her.

Attack on Paris

She appeared in Paris, France and helps Shameless Fox fight the two Breach kaijus Mutavore and Karloff and finally made them retreat, than Shameless Fox gave her an handshake (a reference to a scene from Godzilla vs. Megalon) just before she went back into the ocean.

Fighting CenturyBarubaroi

She fought CenturyBarubaroi on Desiree Island, but she rarely attacks her opponent as it resembles a female Gojiran which looks like her.

Meeting AlenaGoji

She met AlenaGoji while the island has been renamed to Alena Island.

Revenge for DesireeGoji

Main article: Revenge for DesireeGoji

Monster Island War III

Main article: The Third Monster Island War

This section concerns an upcoming subject, and will be updated with new information as it arises.



DesireeGoji is her most close ally or friend, she lives on Regina Island with her. she is also helping her in battles, until she disappeared.

Kunin and Rozan

Kunin/Rozan is one of her close allies or friend, she allowed the Godzillan couple to adopt Little Godzilla. and now she's always visiting them in their place, for Little Godzilla.

Little Godzilla

Little Godzilla is her nephew, and she's always visiting to Kunin and Rozan's place just for him.


CenturyGoji is her archenemy since unknown, he kidnapped DesireeGoji with Female SpaceGodzilla just to kill her. and then he gave her a challenge or DesireeGoji will be killed, which took place on three major cities as Revenge for DesireeGoji.

Female SpaceGodzilla

Female SpaceGodzilla is one of her archenemies, he also kidnapped DesireeGoji with CenturyGoji just to kill her. and then she gave her a challenge or DesireeGoji will be killed, which took place on three major cities as Revenge for DesireeGoji.


  • Her Atomic Breath is the same from other Gojirans, but it is colored pink.
    • She also can use her Spiral Breath, which is colored purple.
    • Or her Spiral Ray, which is colored red and takes time to charge.
  • Nuclear Pulse can be used when needed, but takes time to charge.
  • Atomic Roar can be used to stun enemies around in a certain area, but for only 15-30 seconds.
  • She is very fast and agile, able to dodge enemy blasts quickly.
  • Her regeneration is much faster than other kaijus, because of her G-Cells. However, all of her wounds actually take from twelve hours to one day depends on the wound.


  • Claustrophobia - Her only weaknesses, if she's been trapped in a small closed area (such as a cave). she'll unable to breathe, and than die.
  • Cadmium rounds - These kind of missiles deals low to medium damage to the Gojiran.
  • Full-Metal missiles - Even it managed to blast off chunks of a Gojiran's skin and visibly cause pain, he/she regenerated the damage almost instantaneously.



  • Most people call her Reign on her past life, even her name is Regina.
    • This might be the reason why her allies and archenemies also call her Reign rather than Regina.
  • ReginaGoji's intelligence level when she was a human is below normal, but when she reincarnated as a Gojiran. her intelligence level is now above than normal, this is because most Gojirans are more intelligent than the humans.
  • She was originally Meesmoth's most favorite RP character, but she was replaced by CenturyGhido and Rosa Biollante.
    • ReginaGoji is also the most used character by ShodaiMeesmothLarva, appearing in twenty-seven RPs (beating Meesmoth's record of sixteen).
  • ReginaGoji is one of the three Gojirans inspired by Janine Gutierrez, the others being DesireeGoji and JanineGoji.
  • During Revenge for DesireeGoji, she was knocked out two or three times. by Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A., and Neo SpaceGodzilla.
  • When she's heading towards San Francisco for Little Godzilla, she caused radio interference all over Pacific Ocean as the two Gojirans are talking to each other using brainwaves.

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