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Regina Island, as seen from the distance.

Regina Island is a island located in the Pacific Ocean that is home to ReginaGoji and DesireeGoji.

It is owned by ShodaiMeesmothLarva before it was destroyed during the events of Battle of Regina Island.



First Appearance

ReginaGoji emerges in a small island, later to be called as Regina Island. where a small earthquake occurs and hitting her head with a rock, which triggers a flashback how she was killed in her past life.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura

Saibogura appears in Regina Island and challenges her, but after an short battle: she made the giant alligator retreat, but she also left the island and heading towards Philippines.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura II

Saibogura emerges again at Regina Island, and attacks her while she's sleeping. After their short battle for the second time, Saibogura was buried alive in a mountain and she goes back to her sleep.

DesireeGoji on Regina Island

DesireeGoji appears in Regina Island, and asks Regina to live there with her. She accepted her offer, and DesireeGoji begins living there.

ReginaGoji vs. Saibogura III

Saibogura reappears in the island and attacks her again for the third time, but after their third short battle she allows the giant alligator to apologize and retreat. But Saibogura doesn't want to apologize to her, so she fired her Spiral Breath and Spiral Ray into him and causing Saibogura's painful death.

ReginaGoji/Kamen Rider Stronger/CenturyGhido vs. CenturyGoji

ReginaGoji arrives at the island, and CenturyGoji attacks her. Kamen Rider Stronger appears and also attacks CenturyGoji for attacking Osaka, while CenturyGhido appears from Paris for killing the Ghidorah over an year ago.

ReginaGoji made CenturyGoji bleed (and losing CenturyGoji's left arm) with her Spiral Ray, including CenturyGhido's Gravity Beams and Kamen Rider Stronger's powerful Fire Kick.

Battle of Regina Island

Main article: Battle of Regina Island

Monsters on the island

Battle of Regina Island

Main article: Battle of Regina Island

The island was attacked on July 7, 2016, by Female SpaceGodzilla and Dark Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A. but ReginaGoji, BirthGoji, Neo Varan, and Neo Manda tried to stop them.

The island was destroyed by FinalShisa when he's trying to kill Dark Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A..


  • Regina Island is named after ReginaGoji, the Gojiran that discovered the island.
  • The island met the same fate with Devil's Island, being destroyed by a large explosion.

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