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Revenge for DesireeGoji
Date Performed
July 7, 2016
Female SpaceGodzilla
Neo Varan
Neo Manda
Darkspace MOGUERA
Death Kappa (cameo)
15Goji (cameo)
CenturyBato (cameo)

Revenge for DesireeGoji (originally called Battle of Regina Island before the actual Revenge for DesireeGoji event has been retconned) was a battle that took place on July 7, 2016, at Regina Island.

The first installment in the Revenge for DesireeGoji trilogy, and the third installment of Meesmoth's Battle of series.


First Part

Female SpaceGodzilla arrives at Regina Island (possibly warning about DesireeGoji) and begins wreaking havoc. She starts attacking ReginaGoji, but then BirthGoji steps in to stop Female SpaceGodzilla. Then Darkspace MOGUERA arrives and begins to attack the island as well. Lastly, Neo Varan, Neo Manda and FinalShisa arrive and begin to all fight Female SpaceGodzilla as well.

Neo Varan and Neo Manda fight off Darkspace MOGUERA while BirthGoji and ReginaGoji take care of Female SpaceGodzilla. After a lengthy duel, BirthGoji, ReginaGoji and Final Shisa's attacks eventually manage to overwhelm Female SpaceGodzilla, killing her. Neo Varan and Neo Manda then retreat, as Darkspace MOGUERA advances towards them.

Second Part

The fight then takes a massive shift in focus and tone. Darkspace starts off by attacking BirthGoji, classifying him as "The Beta Male". ReginaGoji during this is mostly beaten up by the deranged M.O.G.U.E.R.A., during one of these she is thrown into a cliff which triggers a flash back from her past life. During the fight, FinalShisa tries, and fail, to harm the M.O.G.U.E.R.A. from hell, which leads to the M.O.G.U.E.R.A. calling him "The Gamma Male"; an act that causes FinalShisa's brain to audibly "snap".

FinalShisa then starts fighting much more brutally and effectively against Darkspace MOGUERA, but he still isn't doing much against him. After the fight begins to turn in Darkspace's favor, BirthGoji's rage and true power kicks in; giving him his "Born in Flames" power. FinalShisa sees this change, and activates his failsafe attacks; a Scalar Weapon that decimates the island with space junk. When that attack fails to slow down neither Birth or Darkspace, Shisa changes into his own super form; Super Shisa. During this change, Shisa gathers up enough energy to create a "Hypernova" attack.

Birth holds Darkspace off while Shisa gathers up the energy. Eventually, when Shisa uses the attack on Darkspace, it's easily reflected back at Shisa, who uses the energy in the attack to change to his "Hyper Shisa" form. Birth then leaves as the battle is clearly going to end in chaos.

The last stage of the battle is a slug fest between the two titans: Darkspace MOGUERA and HyperShisa. Darkspace eventually leaves, his target having left. HyperShisa, not satisified with his usage of his power, makes a shockwave that destroys Regina Island.

It is later revealed that the shockwave that destroyed the island awakened several monsters in the Pacific, such as 15Goji off the coast of San Francisco, or CenturyBato in the Bering Sea.


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  • Due to the original Revenge for DesireeGoji event has been canceled (although its events still took place in the RPverse), Battle of Regina Island has been renamed to Revenge for DesireeGoji by Meesmoth, and now having its own trilogy.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla is the main antagonist in the first half of the battle, Darkspace MOGUERA is the main antagonist in the second half.