Rilah: The Mana Wielding Warrior
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Used by
FoxMask, Crowned M.U.T.O, Shadey, Rem (Daughter), Ryuk (Son), Jotaro, Taokaka, Gamera
Human, Various Kaiju
24 (In human years)
Earth Defenders

Rilah is a female human character created and used by Thegoldnguy.

Summarized History

Originally created back in 2014, Rilah was a Gojiran who went by the name "FFG". After participating in various battles, she was eventually killed in a one-on-one match. Having gained the power of mana in a previous battle, she came back in the form of a spirit, being able to possess bodies to communicate with people. She met up with CM in the hopes that the shapeshifting scientist would help her by making a new body, as she didn't feel comfortable with essentially kidnapping people's bodies every time she wanted to talk. CM agreed, and FFG is given a human body, as well as the name "Rilah".

After a series of battles and events (one of which ending with her attaining eternal youth), Rilah retired from fighting and left for New York City, wanting to have a normal human life. Despite this, she was constantly confronted with opposing villains who wanted her dead. Growing tired of these battles, she met up with CM once more, asking her old friend to help her go incognito. Since then, the mana-wielding warrior has made small appearances in order to keep her current identity and location a secret.


Boisterous and in-your-face, Rilah is a very forward person. She's abrasive and doesn't trust strangers, due to her history with surprise attacks, but is shown to be especially chummy with her friends and allies; however, this leads to a lot of moments where she doesn't know when to stop talking to them. During battles, she feels the need to boast about her power (among other things), leaving her open to attacks. Despite all of her negative qualities, she tries to better herself, and can be a valuable friend and ally.

Over the years, Rilah has taken to a more reclusive lifestyle, opting to take any measures necessary to avoid being spotted in public and going as far as to change her identity multiple times.  This is in contrast to her otherwise boisterous traits, which have the potential to get her spotted.


  • Can fire mana blasts that range from pellets to giant orbs of energy.
  • Can form a dome or shield that gradually drains more and more of her power the longer she has it up.
  • Fluent and fast martial arts combat.
  • Her mana is very flexible and can form into any basic shape, at the cost of Rilah's energy.
  • She can separate her soul from her body, allowing her to possess individuals with low willpower and strength (or those who are willing to let her do it), meaning she can't take over the bodies of tougher enemies.
    • She can also swap the souls of two other individuals, but the rules from above still apply.
  • She can attain an "Awakening" form, which gives her a massive boost in mana power and speed, but it can't be used for long periods of time and can leave her unconscious if used for too long.


Because of her human body, she can be called a "glass cannon" of sorts. She often coats herself in protective mana, but if the mana wears off, she's as vulnerable as a normal human.  Despite her expertise in combat, she's not the smartest person around either.