The cruel dealer, Rugal Bernstein
Used by
Probably in late 30's or early 40's
Boss Team (KoF), The King of Fighters
You were nothing but a shooting star. It's fate that you perished. „ 

— Rugal Bernstein

Rugal Bernstein (ルガール・バーンシュタイン, Rugāru Bānshutain) is a recurring boss in SNK's The King of Fighters fighting game series, although not appearing in later games much anymore, he is still one of the most recognizable characters seen in KoF games, crossover games, social media, and other in that category. He is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

Feared throughout the political and fighting world, Rugal is an influential arms dealer who operates aboard his aircraft carrier Black Noah. To those who would oppose him, he would defeat them and later preserve their bodies in liquid metal to add to his grisly trophy room. He used to work with his younger brother, but they separated over conflicting interests. When Rugal was about 25 years old, an 18 year old Goenitz took out his eye with one strike and gave him a small portion of Orochi's power for surviving the attack. Since then, he has a bionic eye to replace the one he lost.


Rugal is a cruel and powerful man who will kill anyone who stands in his way. He sees absolutely no value in human life, to the point where he proudly displays the metal-encased corpses of worthy opponents he has killed in battle as trophies. He will even go so far as to kill people simply to spite others (such as when he slaughtered Heidern's family simply because he found Heidern to be a disappointment). Unlike most other KoF villains, Rugal has a sadistic sense of humor about what he does. Many of his winquotes are snarky insults toward his opponents, and he often sees the act of taking human life to be more of a pastime.

Much like Igniz, he believes himself to be a human god. Unlike Igniz, however, he hardly takes his "godhood" seriously. His "godhood" is also a motif for moves like his God Press attack.

There is no information regarding his outlook towards his immediate family, but it can be safely assumed he is somewhat distant from it. His children, Rose inherits some of Rugal's nasty attitude, while Adelheid presumably inherits his combat prowess.


Rugal Bernstein possesses many abilities, very powerful, and having a set of transformations. Though the majority of the time these forms are temporary. All of his abilities and forms can be found under here.

Rugal Bernstein
  • Has a dangerous power over political categories, allowing him practical control of federal groups and the people's choices of political categories.
  • Rugal has the ability to mimic many fighting styles from fighters, although, with the exception if the fighting style's require a specialized item, or is impossible to mimic, like the Kusanagi fire Kyo holds. Some of these techniques consists of:
    • Reppuken -- Stolen from Geese, Rugal charges a plasma/energy ball in his hand, before doing an uppercut and the Reppuken is sent speeding on the ground to the opponent.
    • Shippuken -- Also stolen from Geese, Rugal charges a plasma/energy ball in his hand and throws it at the opponent, forming into a medium-big sized energy ball at the opponent.
    • Kaiser Wave -- Stolen from Wolfgang Krauser, Rugal stretches his arms behind him, leaning back as two energy/plasma balls form in both of his hands, before stretching forward with his arms and leaning back, fusing the two balls together to form a giant energy/plasma wave ball at the opponent.
  • High strength: In comparison to a regular human, Rugal's strength or power is much higher.
  • High speed: In comparison to a regular human, Rugal's speed is much higher.
  • Piercing hands: Rugal's hands can be used to pierce or cut through objects/flesh like Iori Yagami.
  • Gaiakinesis: Rugal can gain or channel power from Gaia, and use her power, or her Gaiakinetic powers.
  • Chi manipulation: Like many other fighters, Rugal has control over chi.
  • Ergokinesis: Rugal has full control over energy/plasma manipulation.
  • Negakinesis: Not exactly stated when or how he obtained this, Rugal has excellent control over negative energy. Sometimes it can slip out of control when he's extremely angry or furious.
  • Gigantic Pressure -- Rugal becomes furiously angry, negative energy forms in his hand, before throwing it out like a punch which hits the opponent if near them, the hit creating a pillar of negative energy with a giant skull inside.
  • Gigantic Pressure Lv. 2 -- Like the previous Gigantic press, he charges and punches the opponent creating a pillar of negative energy at them, but runs fast at the opposite direction holding their stomach, before hitting them into a wall or object which creates another pillar of spectral plasma energy at them.
  • Gigantic Pressure Lv. 3 -- The strongest of them all. Rugal charges and punches the opponent, creating a pillar of negative energy, grabs their stomach and runs fast to the other direction and hits them at an object, creating another pillar hit, and runs at the direction they first hit them, creating a bigger pillar and sometimes a medium sized explosion.
  • Dark Barrier -- Rugal rushes at the opponent, used to interrupt their attack and releases a oval-sized shape of inflicting energy, as when they touch it, they become paralyzed.
  • God Press -- Similar to the Gigantic Pressure attacks, Rugal charges explosive energy into his hand and throws the punch at his opponent, creating a medium sized explosion on them.
  • Genocide Cutter -- Rugal's most notably known and signature attack. Rugal jumps up in the air at the opponent, and swings his leg at them, hitting them, and uses his other leg and later the same leg to visibly cut through the opponent, before doing a roll in the air and uses his legs as a pair to smash on the opponent's head, sending them crashing into the ground full-fledged, which this move can sometimes create a crater.
  • Rugal Execution -- Rugal runs up to the opponent and grabs them by the neck, as he sends down plasma energy at their neck, and when fully charged, he releases a medium-big sized explosion, sending them flying before crashing into the ground.

Omega Rugal
Omega Rugal
You never had a chance, blowhard. „ 

— Omega Rugal

When a young Goenitz pulled out a 20 year old Rugal's eye, he survived from the attack. For exchange as a fair game for Rugal, Goenitz gives him Orochi's power but warns him to not use the full power. Feeling the holy power surge within his veins, he dons a wicked appearance and becomes Omega Rugal.

35% Power

Omega Rugal at the start of his rampage uses about 35% of the Orochi power. Limiting the full fun yet, this is the calmest form of Omega Rugal. At 35%, Rugal's blonde hair and mustache change to gray-white, his skin color changes from beige to a darker beige, and his still-wounded eye glows a bright red. His muscle mass also slightly increases.

  • Strength increases.
  • Speed increases.
  • Power from Gaia increases a little bit.
  • Chi increases.
  • Energy manipulation increases.
  • Negative energy increases.
  • Limited Manipulation of the Orochi elements:Infused with the Orochi, Omega Rugal now gains limited elemental powers of Orochi. Albeit, they're extremely limited since he's at the lowest rate of his power. He has control over Orochi wind, earth, lightning, fire, light, darkness, death and water.

60% Power

Omega Rugal, at level two of his power is now stronger in his rampage. He uses a decent amount of the Orochi power to unleash it on his opponents. His power starts to chain up at this point. His gray-white hair lightens and his skin color takes a darker beige. His scarlet red coat is now off of him and his navy blue vest appears with his pants and other material. His muscle mass increases.

  • Strength increases.
  • Speed increases.
  • Power from Gaia increases.
  • Chi manipulation increases.
  • Energy manipulation increases.
  • Negative energy increases.
  • Manipulation of the Orochi elements is increased; albeit still limited.

80% Power

Omega Rugal, at level three is now at his dangerous levels of the Orochi power. Using a greater amount of said holy power in his veins, he can deal incredible damage to his opponents, his power-chain rising more. His gray-white hair lightens more and is near to pure white. His hair is also slightly raised up and looks crazed at this point. His skin color is darker once again, near to chocolate brown. His navy blue vest is now off and Omega Rugal appears shirtless: his increased muscle mass appearing.

  • Strength increases.
  • Speed increases.
  • Power from Gaia increases.
  • Chi manipulation increases.
  • Energy manipulation increases.
  • Negative energy increases.
  • Manipulation of the Orochi elements now shoots up a greater amount of power.

Full Power

Omega Rugal, at level four is at 100% of his power. He now has access to all powers, unlimited and can unleash them on any opponents he wants, and as the true Omega Rugal infused with the Orochi power he takes a terrifying appearances than the last forms. His previously gray-white hair is now a complete pure white and his hair is slightly spread out, receiving more bangs and spikes. His skin color is darker, now a near-complete chocolate brown and still appears shirtless, though now slightly taller and receives even more muscle mass. Looking something a little close to Oni at this point. In the early KoF games, Omega Rugal at 80% tried to use his full power to wipe out every single one of the contestants in the KoF Tournament. Being his first time using the power, the Orochi power was too much for him to hold and he exploded from the inside. Soon after, Rugal finally mastered the Orochi power and has access to the 100% form. Later seen in CvS2 to become God Rugal.

  • Near-godly/divine strength.
  • Near-godly/divine speed.
  • Unlimited power to use powers from Gaia.
  • Chi manipulation increases to max.
  • Energy manipulation increases to max.
  • Negative energy manipulation increases to max.
  • Manipulation of the Orochi elements increase to max.

God Rugal
God Rugal
The darkness and the light... Everything is in my hands now! „ 

— The Lord God, God Rugal

90% Power

This form of Rugal Bernstein retains to be his ultimate form. In this form, Rugal has infused both the mastered Orochi power and the stolen Satsui no Hado from Akuma into his body and becomes God Rugal, claiming to have reached his true potential and is the true "god" of the world, or universe. In the canon path of CvS2, Rugal finally saw Akuma, who had plans to steal his power. Accepting, Akuma unleashed the Hado and Rugal transformed into his Omega form at 100%. They briefly fought at the top of the Osaka Castle, until Rugal finally caught a weak spot of Akuma and slain him through the stomach when he was about to use the Shun Goku Satsu on him. Laughing, he absorbs his Hado power and transforms into God Rugal. He then briefly explodes the entire city of Osaka leaving nothing but innocent fallen lives, flames and rubble. Appearing on top of a burning Osaka building, he prepares to test his power among all of the Capcom and SNK fighters in a battle to save the world.

God Rugal, now combined with the Orochi and Hado power, he dons a much more terrifying, demonic and powerful appearance than his previous Omega forms. God Rugal stands at about 6'8' 1/2, a little taller than the full power Omega Rugal. His hair remains the still-pure white and its free of its band, making it longer. He still wears his long scarlet red coat and his scarlet pants, though they appear to have slight rips in them. His skin color is a mix of the combined near chocolate brown Omega form and the complete chocolate brown Hado power. Since they're combined, God Rugal's skin color appears slightly darker than both of said formers, making him look demonic. He receives scars from previously battling Akuma and his eye color changes. From both eyes, they're now a deep blood red. God Rugal also has fangs like Evil Ryu and Akuma.

  • Godly/divine strength.
  • Godly/divine speed.
  • Unlimited power to use from Gaia.
  • Chi manipulation increases.
  • Energy manipulation increases.
  • Negative energy increases.
  • Unlimited control of the Orochi elements.
  • Can release an Orochi power surge,poisoning them from the inside.
  • Can release a Hado power surge, poisoning a fighter from the inside.
  • Manipulation of the Hado flame: God Rugal has full control over Akuma's/the Hado's Hado fire.
  • Manipulation of the Hado electricity: God Rugal has full control over Akuma's/the Hado's Hado electricity.
  • Manipulation of the Hado darkness: God Rugal has full control over Akuma's/the Hado's Hado darkness.
  • God Rugal can infuse any of the elements of the Orochi and Hado and use it against his opponents.
  • Infusion -- God Rugal can combine only one of the Orochi and Hado's techniques; Orochi's light surge and the Shun Goku Satsu, his ultimate technique.
  • Access to many of Akuma's techniques: God Rugal has watched Akuma before prior to becoming this form, learning many of his techniques and now that he has the Hado with him, he can perform many of the violent Anatsuken's Hado techniques. Although, some are differed slightly to his customs like the Shun Goku Satsu.
  • Dark Power -- God Rugal can be coated in complete black aura and onl a glowing red eye remains, similar to Oni. His attacks/techniques briefly increase even more in this state as his voice grows much deeper or demonic, like Kusanagi's Dark Corruption.

110 Power

This form would act as God Rugal's true form and has got out of testing his combined powers. He tried to use it as in a suicide attack to all of the fighters like what he did with his full power in his Omega form, though it turned out that the Hado power blasted out of his body as well as the Orochi power, burning him alive. He has yet to access or master the form, though we're unsure if he plans to master the Hado and do this again or not do so. We may never see this again in crossover games, as the Capcom/SNK lineage has appeared to be disconnected.


Base form: [1] Omega form: [2] Ultimate form: [3]


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